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FDIC Federal Register Citations

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Public Comment on Alternative proposed rules governing the insurance coverage of deposit accounts held in connection with living trust accounts

I would like to comment in favor of Alternative Number One. A living trust is used by our customers to direct their assets in an efficient way while avoiding the probate process. The FDIC insurance and the end result of the Living Trust are sometimes different.  If our customer puts a Certificate of Deposit for 100,000.00 in his name personally, then these funds would not be directed by the Living Trust, therefore nullifying the purpose of that Trust.

Under the Alternative Number One proposal the purpose of the living trust is not effected plus you are able to insure the beneficiary interest with FDIC insurance. This would be of great benefit to our customer base.

Sometimes it seems that our customers have been asked to choose between FDIC insurance and the estate plan that their attorney has implemented.

Alternative Number Two, while giving an additional FDIC insurance alternative for some, continues to make the customers choose between FDIC insurance and effective estate planning.

I am very pleased to see that this complex matter is in the process of being clarified.


Becky F. Taylor
Sr. Vice President Wilson Bank and Trust
PO Box 768
Lebanon, TN  37087
615-443-6651 (FAX) 615-443-7117

Last Updated 07/24/2003

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