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Internal and External Audit Programs

Each institution should have an internal audit program that is appropriate to its size and the nature and scope of its activities. When properly structured and conducted, internal audit programs provide vital information about risks and controls so management can promptly address any identified weaknesses. An external auditing program complements the internal auditing function by providing management and the board of directors with an independent and objective view of the reliability of the institution's financial statements and the adequacy of its financial reporting internal controls.

Laws and Regulations

Key laws and regulations that pertain to FDIC-supervised institutions; note that other laws and regulations also may apply.

Supervisory Resources

Frequently asked questions, advisories, statements of policy, and other information issued by the FDIC alone, or on an interagency basis, provided to promote safe-and-sound operations.

Other Resources

Supplemental information related to safe-and-sound banking operations.

  • The American Institute of CPAs represents the Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) profession nationally regarding rule-making and standard-setting, and serves as an advocate before legislative bodies, public interest groups and other professional organizations
  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission protects investors, maintains fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitates capital formation
  • The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board establishes auditing and related professional practice standards for registered public accounting firms to follow in the preparation and issuance of audit reports
  • The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission provides thought leadership through the development of comprehensive frameworks and guidance on enterprise risk management, internal control, and fraud deterrence designed to improve organizational performance and governance, and to reduce the extent of fraud in organizations