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Community Reinvestment Act

Mortgage Rule Videos

Ability-to-Repay & Qualified Mortgages: The Qualified Mortgage Presumptions

Segment four reviews the characteristics and effects of the two kinds of presumptions associated with QMs.

Loan Originator Compensation Rule: LO Comp Rule Purpose, Coverage and Overview; “Loan Originator” and “Compensation” Defined

Segment two highlights the major components of the LO Comp Rule and reviews the rule’s most basic requirement.

Loan Originator Compensation Rule: Loan Originator Compensation Based on Loan Terms or Proxies Is Prohibited; Exceptions for Profits-Based Compensation

Segment three delves into the rule’s compensation provisions in depth, focusing primarily on the prohibition against loan originator compensation based on loan terms or proxies for loan terms.

Loan Originator Compensation Rule: Other Compensation Aspects of the Rule; Record Retention Requirements and Required Policies and Procedures

Segment four examines the permissibility of pricing concessions and the practices of dual compensation and steering.

Loan Originator Compensation Rule: Building an Effective Compliance Management System (CMS) for the LO Comp Rule; Presentation Recap and Resources

This segment focuses on what institutions could consider when building and maintaining an effective compliance management system for the LO Comp Rule, and offers some practical tips for ensuring compliance.

The following videos have been removed from the series on Ability-To-Repay & Qualified Mortgages due to outdated information:

  • ABILITY-TO-REPAY & QUALIFIED MORTGAGES: What Charges Count Toward the QM Points and Fees Cap
  • ABILITY-TO-REPAY & QUALIFIED MORTGAGES: Understanding Supervisory Expectations Regarding Non-QM and QM Lending
  • ABILITY-TO-REPAY & QUALIFIED MORTGAGES: Building an Effective Compliance Management System for ATR/QM
  • ABILITY-TO-REPAY & QUALIFIED MORTGAGES: Synthesis, Review and Resources
Please visit the Ability-to-Repay/Qualified Mortgage Rule page from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for additional information.