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Risk Management Manual of Examination Policies

Manual Home

Part I - Basic Examination Concepts and Guidelines

1.1 Basic Examination Concepts and Guidelines - PDF

  • Rationale of Bank Examinations
  • Conduct of Examinations
  • The Uniform Financial Institutions Rating System
  • Examination Frequency
  • Examination Types
  • Coodination with Other Agencies
  • Scheduling Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Relying on State Examinations
  • Pre-Examination Activities
  • Examiner Meeting with Bank Management
  • Other Sources of Examination Information and Policy Guidance
  • Disclosure of Reports of Examination
  • Examination Workpapers

Part II - Camels

2.1 Capital

3.1 Asset Quality - PDF

  • Introduction
  • Evaluation of Asset Quality
  • Rating the Asset Quality Factor

3.2 Loans

3.3 Securities and Derivatives

3.4 Cash and Due from Banks - PDF

  • Types of Accounts
  • Examination Objectives
  • Examination Procedures

3.5 Premises and Equipment - PDF

  • Definitions
  • Fixed Assets Accounting
  • Extent of Fixed Assets Investment
  • Analysis of Fixed Assets
  • Fire and Extended Coverage on Bank Premises, Furniture and Equipment
  • Examination Procedures

3.6 Other Real Estate - PDF

  • Other Real Estate
  • Other Real Estate Reserves

3.7 Other Assets and Liabilities - PDF

  • Introduction
  • Other Assets
  • Other Liabilities

3.8 Off-Balance Sheet Activities

4.1 Management

4.2 Internal Routine and Controls

4.3 Related Organizations

4.4 Fidelity and Other Indemnity Protection

4.5 Violations of Laws and Regulations

4.6 Miscellaneous Banking Activities

5.1 Earnings

6.1 Liquidity and Funds Management

7.1 Sensitivity to Market Risk

Part III - Other Examination Issues

8.1 Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Moneylaundering and Office of Foreign Assets Control

9.1 Bank Fraud and Insider Abuse

10.1 Suspicious Activity and Criminal Violations

11.1 International Banking

12.1 Formal Administrative Actions

Part IV - Administrative & Enforcement Actions

13.1 Memorandums of Understanding

14.1 Civil Money Penalties

15.1 Formal Administrative Actions

Part V - Examination Report

16.1 Report of Examination Instructions

General Instructions

International Report Pages and Workpapers

Appendix A Abbreviations

Appendix B Report of Examination Grammar and Punctuation Guide

17.1 Bank of Anytown-Report of Examination

Examination Conclusions and Comments

International Report Pages and Workpapers

18.1 Report of Investigation Instructions

General Instructions

19.1 Bank of Anytown-Report of Investigation

Conclusions and Recommendations



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