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Risk Management Manual of Examination Policies

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Section 17.1 - Bank of Anytown-Report of Examination

In-House Information Technology

System Description

    Manufacturer Name:   Vantage Computers
    Memphis, TN

    Model:  Magnum 400


    Vendor Name and Address:   Virus Technology
    Lenexa, KS

    Package Name and Version:   Singapore Banker
    Version 8.5(b)
Backup Arrangements
Site:   Other State Bank
Somewhere, AS

Date Last Tested:   5/27/2004

Staff Size:  3

Contact Person:  Robert Paraguay

Phone Number:  (888) 555-5555

Automated Applications Date Reviewed
Demand Deposits 08/01/2004
Time Deposits 11/13/2003
Savings Deposits 10/21/2002

Prior IT Examinations
Agency: State Date:  11/13/2003 Rating:  0-0-0-0/1

Agency:  FDIC Date:  10/21/2002 Rating:  3-2-1-1/2

Working Hours

Examiners/Assistants GG Exam Training Travel Total
Henlee, Walter H. Jr. 14 20   5 20
Garret, Karen 11 15 5 5 20
Total Hours   35 5 10 40

Ratings: 0-0-0-0/1

The Technology Profile Script assigned a total score of 45, and, as anticipated in the PEP memo, a Type I examination was performed.

Bank website: www.anytownbank.com.

IT Sharp Number: 54321

Recommendations for Future Examinations
Recommendations parallel those shown on the Confidential � Supervisory Section page.

Last Updated 02/02/2005 supervision@fdic.gov

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