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Risk Management Manual of Examination Policies

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Section 17.1 - International Report Pages and Workpapers

Analysis of the Country Exposure Management System

Management of the country risk process is regarded as generally satisfactory. Senior management and the Asset/Liability Management Committee continue to closely monitor the economic and political stability of countries where the bank maintains international transaction activity. Due to deteriorated economic and political situations in certain of the countries where the bank conducts business, there has been a reorientation of business strategy. The Board has strategically decided to focus future business development on its domestic banking market and to basically reduce its overall risk emanating from transfer risk exposure. As a result, the bank has substantially reduced the level of approved country limits, and it has �frozen� most assigned limits, and the resulting level of net transfer risk exposure. Also, the Board has reduced�

The current examination revealed five concentrations of transfer risk�

The International Policy is adequate; however, the following deficiencies �

Note that this write-up is incomplete. Refer to specific guidance for this page in the Report of Examination Instructions Section of the Manual.

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