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Minority Depository Institutions Program

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US Department of the Treasury Programs

  1. Bank Enterprise Award Program – provides an incentive for all banks to invest in their communities and in CDFIs
  2. CDFI Bond Guarantee Program – issues bonds to support CDFIs that make investments for eligible community or economic development purposes
  3. Community Development Financial Institutions Program – directly invests in, supports and trains CDFIs that provide loans, investments, financial services and technical assistance to benefit underserved populations and communities
  4. Native Initiatives Program – takes action to provide financial assistance, technical assistance, and training to Native CDFIs and other Native entities proposing to become or create Native CDFIs
  5. New Markets Tax Credit Program – provides an allocation of tax credits to Community Development Entities which enable them to attract investment from the private sector, and reinvest these amounts in low-income communities’ businesses and real estate projects
  6. Capital Magnet Fund – offers competitively awarded grants to finance affordable housing solutions
  7. Capacity Building Initiative – offers a variety of training and direct technical assistance opportunities to strengthen CDFIs

Other Government Programs