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Minority Depository Institutions Program

Minority Depository Institutions

Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) often play a critical role in promoting the economic viability of underserved communities. We encourage you to review the resources and activities for MDIs that FDIC offers.

On July 13, 2016, the FDIC expanded and revised the historical data it publishes on Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs). The following changes were made:

1. More historical data were released.

A new spreadsheet was posted containing lists of MDIs for every year-end beginning with 2001.  The data include a listing of each institution’s name, city and state; total assets; bank class and regulator; minority status; and whether it met the FDIC’s research definition of a community bank - PDF. A summary tab in the spreadsheet below provides annual totals of the number and assets of MDIs by community bank and minority status.

2. The format for listing minority status was simplified.

As explained on the FDIC’s Minority Depository Institution website, the “minority status” of an institution is determined according to either (1) a concentration of ownership among members of a certain minority group, or (2) a concentration of Board membership among that minority group by an institution that primarily serves that minority group. To simplify the use of the historical data, these two criteria were combined to arrive at a single data field that indicates one of five values for minority status:

    • Black or African American
    • Hispanic American
    • Asian or Pacific Islander American
    • Native American or Alaskan Native American
    • Multi-racial American

3. Minority status was verified and revised where warranted.

The determination of minority status depends on an interpretation of supervisory records that are often several years old. Accordingly, in preparing to publish these historical data, every effort was made to identify cases where minority status should be reviewed and to ensure that such identification was as accurate as possible. The review encompassed 2,762 MDI records across a 15-year period. As a result of this review, minority status was updated from previous records in 67 cases, or 2.4 percent of all MDIs covered in the historical data.  No revision was made to the total number of MDIs in any year or to their other identifying characteristics.

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