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2015 Directors' College Program - San Francisco Region

You are Invited to our Board Meeting

The banking crisis has subsided but challenges still remain. You will serve as board members of the FDIC’s San Francisco Region’s interactive, one-day “board meeting” that will highlight important decisions regarding the future strategy for your institution. Your CEO will guide you through several proposed strategic initiatives. Various scenarios often contemplated by board members will be fused into corporate governance framework of planning, organizing, and controlling risk. And, of course, the planning session will acknowledge and incorporate real world issues that you deal with on a daily basis:  earnings pressures, competition, cyber security risks, uncertain interest rates, and regulatory requirements. 

The proposed strategic initiatives include:

  • Expanding CRE lending
  • Expanding into consumer mortgage lending
  • Changing/updating information technology functions

Our goal is to immerse directors in an in-depth discussion of various hot topics. In order to focus on key learning points, prior to attending, you will be asked to familiarize yourself with several FDIC on-line educational materials. These pre-course materials will provide the overview of director responsibilities and the seminar will dive deep into the details of those responsibilities. See Pre-Course Materials below.

During the “board meeting” the CEO will have various presenters identify regulatory expectations and concerns regarding the proposed initiatives.  As the day progresses, the presentation will incorporate lessons learned from the most recent economic downturn, as well as best-practice examples for board consideration.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Concentrations Management & Stress Testing
  • Cyber Security
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Key Consumer Protection Regulations
  • Vendor Management

In addition to the “board meeting,” expect a luncheon presentation on local economic conditions, a highlight of various regulatory hot-topics, and a chance to ask questions of our regulatory panel experts.  You will also gain an understanding of the numerous FDIC training and communication resources available.   

Who Should Attend our Board Meeting?
Preparation for the Board Meeting

The FDIC’s Technical Assistance Video Program is a series of educational videos designed to provide useful information to bank directors, officers, and employees on areas of supervisory focus and regulatory changes. Depending on your familiarity with the topics below, you may want to consider reviewing the following videos to provide you with a foundation for our in-depth discussion:

For more information, or to access the full list of videos offered through the Technical Assistance Video program, click here. There are also instructions for downloading.

Board Meeting Agenda

Sessions begin at approximately 8:30am

  • Registration/Opening Remarks
  • Corporate Governance/Lessons Learned Overview
  • Strategic Initiative Proposals
  • Lunch/Economics Presentation
  • Regulatory Panel Presentation

Sessions end at approximately 4:00 pm

For a copy of the days full agenda click here

Board Meeting Location and Dates
You are welcome attend any of the sessions throughout the region, not just the session in your immediate area. Please coordinate with your respective trade association to register and to receive details regarding location dates and venues. We look forward to seeing you at one of the sessions.
Registration is Required for the Board Meeting
You must register through your trade association to participate. Please use the links provided here to register. Space may be limited, so please register early.
Additional Information
For additional information you may contact Field Supervisor Bob McGibbon at: RMcGibbon@fdic.gov or via telephone at 323-545-9260 x4211.