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Directors' College Program

New York Region Directors' College Program

The Directors and Trustees College is an interactive one-day seminar to provide ongoing education to bank directors and trustees on current topics and various elements of bank supervision. It is designed to help directors and trustees, both new and experienced, stay abreast of the ever-changing regulatory and economic environment. Now more than ever, directors and trustees are under constant pressure to remain current in their knowledge of the banking industry and the segment their institution serves. There must also be a basic understanding of what issues are currently impacting their institution's financial performance and competitive environment.

The format of the programs held in each state vary as to frequency and duration. However, the common educational themes are

Other frequent presentations include state economic profiles, Compliance and Community Reinvestment Act requirements, Asset-Liability Management processes, Loan Committee structure and responsibilities, Strategic Planning, understanding the Uniform Bank Performance Report, and a Bank Examination Workshop.

The ultimate goal of the Directors’ Colleges is to improve the likelihood of success for financial institutions by enabling directors to better fulfill their fiduciary obligations and provide a higher level of service to the community served by their institution.