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Director's College Program

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Dallas Region 2011- 2012 Banker Outreach Program

The FDIC and State Regulatory Agencies in the Dallas Region, in partnership with State Trade Associations, have scheduled sessions for the 2011-2012 Banker Outreach Program. This program is designed to cover all pertinent regulatory topics during a one day seminar through the use of breakout sessions.

Bank directors and officers are invited to attend any of the outreach events in the Dallas Region regardless of your bank's location. Attendees will be provided with resource materials for future reference.

Registration will be handled by various State Trade Associations as shown.

We hope directors and officers of your institution will participate in the training sessions and share their perspectives on current and emerging banking issues.

If you have any questions regarding these events, please contact FDIC Assistant Regional Director Chris Finnegan at 901-821-5243 or FDIC Outreach Coordinator Truvander Kennedy at 601-992-5207, extension 6342.

Last Updated 02/03/2012

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