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Bank Financial Reports

FDIC Call Report Analysts

For Call Report assistance, state member banks should contact their Federal Reserve District Bank. National and FDIC-supervised banks should contact their assigned analyst in the FDIC's Data Collection and Analysis Section at the telephone number listed below. If you do not know your assigned analyst, you may reach an analyst by telephone at (800) 688-FDIC (3342).

For all other questions concerning Call Reports or this website, please contact the FDIC using the Questions, Suggestions & Requests link at the bottom right corner of this page.

Call Report Analysts

Irina Ashkenazi

Jim Hanson

Kevin Jones

Mary Kelly

Pui Lam

Jimmy Lang

Mariam Mosavizahed

Chris Raslavich

Adaiz Santiago-Pabon

Yolanda Thomas

Angela Thorpe-Harris

Julia Xue


(703) 254-1020

(972) 761-2192

(972) 761-2050

(703) 254-0266

(571) 858-8343

(703) 254-0206

(703) 254-0862

(703) 254-0858

(703) 254-0919

(703) 254-0936

(972) 761-2258

(703) 254-0210

Additional Points of Contact

Kete Iluyomade (Lead Analyst)

Michael McPherson (Lead Analyst)

Vikki Reynolds (Lead Analyst)

Edward Christovich (Chief)

(703) 254-2364

(703) 254-0203

(972) 761-2143

(703) 254-0199