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FDIC Law, Regulations, Related Acts

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6500 - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau




Equal Opportunity Act (Regulation B)

1002.1 Authority, scope and purpose 
1002.2 Definitions 
1002.3 Limited exceptions for certain classes of transactions 
1002.4 General rules 
1002.5 Rules concerning requests for information 
1002.6 Rules concerning evaluation of applications 
1002.7 Rules concerning extensions of credit 
1002.8 Special purpose credit programs 
1002.9 Notifications 
1002.10 Furnishing of credit information 
1002.11 Relation to state law 
1002.12 Record retention 
1002.13 Information for monitoring purposes 
1002.14 Rules on providing appraisals and other valuations 
1002.15 Incentives for self-testing and self-correction 
1002.16 Enforcement, penalties and liabilities 
Appendix A—Federal Agencies To Be Listed in Adverse Action Notices 
Appendix B—Model Application Forms 
Appendix C—Sample Notification Forms 
Appendix D—Issuance of Official Interpretations 
Supplement I—Official Interpretations 

1003 Home Mortgage Disclosure (Regulation C)

1003.1 Authority, purpose, and scope 
1003.2 Definitions 
1003.3 Exempt institutions 
1003.4 Compilation of loan data 
1003.5 Disclosure and reporting 
1003.6 Enforcement 
Appendix A--[Reserved] 
Appendix B—Form and Instructions for Data Collection on Ethnicity, Race, and Sex 
Appendix C—Procedures for Generating a Check Digit and Validating a ULI 
Supplement I—Staff Commentary 

Electronic Fund Transfers (Regulation E)

Subpart A—General

1005.1 Authority and purpose 
1005.2 Definitions 
1005.3 Coverage 
1005.4 General disclosure requirements; jointly offered services 
1005.5 Issuance of access devices 
1005.6 Liability of consumer for unauthorized transfers 
1005.7 Initial disclosures 
1005.8 Change in terms notice; error resolution notice 
1005.9 Receipts at electronic terminals; periodic statements 
1005.10 Preauthorized transfers 
1005.11 Procedures for resolving errors 
1005.12 Relation to other laws 
1005.13 Administrative enforcement; record retention 
1005.14 Electronic fund transfer service provider not holding consumer's account 
1005.15 Electronic fund transfer of government benefits 
1005.16 Disclosures at automated teller machines 
1005.17 Requirements for overdraft services 
1005.18 Requirements for financial institutions offering payroll card accounts 
1005.19 Internet posting of prepaid account agreements 
1005.20 Requirements for gift cards and gift certificates 

Subpart B—Requirements for Remittance Transfers

1005.30 Remittance transfer definitions 
1005.31 Disclosures 
1005.32 Estimates 
1005.33 Procedures for resolving errors 
1005.34 Procedures for cancellation and refund of remittance transfers 
1005.35 Acts of agents 
1005.36 Transfers scheduled in advance 
Appendix A—Model Disclosure Clauses and Forms 
Appendix B [Reserved]
Appendix C—Issuance of Official Interpretations 
Supplement I to Part 1005—Official Interpretations 

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Regulation F)

1006.1 Purpose and definitions 
1006.2 Application 
1006.3 Supporting documents 
1006.4 Criteria for determination 
1006.5 Public notice of filing 
1006.6 Exemption from requirements 
1006.7 Adverse determination 
1006.8 Revocation of exemption 
1006.10 Acquisition of location information 
1006.14 Harassing, oppressive, or abusive conduct 
1006.18 False, deceptive, or misleading representations or means 
1006.22 Unfair or unconscionable means 
1006.26 Collection of time-barred debts 
1006.30 Other prohibited practices 
1006.34 Notice for validation of debts 
1006.38 Disputes and requests for original-creditor information 
1006.42 Sending required disclosures 
1006.100 Record retention 
1006.104 Relation to State laws 
1006.108 Exemption for State regulation 
Appendix A—Procedures for State Application for Exemption from the Provisions of the Act 
Appendix B—Model Forms 
Appendix C—Issuance of Advisory Opinions 
Supplement I—Official Interpretations

S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act—State Compliance and Bureau Registration System (Regulation H)

1008.1 Purpose 
1008.3 Confidentiality of information 

Subpart A—General

1008.20 Scope of this subpart 
1008.23 Definitions 

Subpart B-Determination of State Compliance With the S.A.F.E. Act

1008.101 Scope of this subpart 
1008.103 Individuals required to be licensed by states 
1008.105 Minimum loan originator license requirements 
1008.107 Minimum annual license renewal requirements 
1008.109 Effective date of state requirements imposed on individuals 
1008.111 Other minimum requirements for state licensing systems 
1008.113 Performance standards 
1008.115 Determination of noncompliance 

Subpart C—The Bureau's Loan Originator Licensing System and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing and Registry System

1008.201 Scope of this subpart 
1008.203 The Bureau's establishment of loan originator licensing system 
1008.205 The Bureau's establishment of nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry 

Subpart D—Minimum Requirements for Administration of the NMLSR

1008.301 Scope of this subpart 
1008.303 Financial reporting 
1008.305 Data security 
1008.307 Fees 
1008.309 Absence of liability for good-faith administration 
1008.401 The Bureau's authority to examine loan originator records
Appendix A—Examples of Mortgage Loan Originator Activities
Appendix B—Engaging in the Business of a Loan Originator: Commercial Context and Habitualness
Appendix C—Independent Contractors and Loan Processor and Underwriter Activities That Require a State Mortgage Loan Originator License
Appendix D—Attorneys: Circumstances That Require a State Mortgage Loan Originator License

Consumer Leasing (Regulation M)

1013.1 Authority, scope, purpose, and enforcement 
1013.2 Definitions 
1013.3 General disclosure requirements 
1013.4 Content of disclosures 
1013.5 Renegotiations, extensions, and assumptions 
1013.6 [Reserved]
1013.7 Advertising 
1013.8 Record retention 
1013.9 Relation to state laws 
Appendix A—Model Forms 
Appendix B [Reserved]
Appendix C—Issuance of Official Interpretations 
Supplement I—Official Interpretations 

1016 Privacy of Consumer Financial Information (Regulation P)

1016.1 Purpose and scope 
1016.2 Model privacy form and examples 
1016.3 Definitions 

Subpart A—Privacy and Opt Out Notices

1016.4 Initial privacy notice to consumers required 
1016.5 Annual privacy notice to customers required 
1016.6 Information to be included in privacy notices 
1016.7 Form of opt out notice to consumers; opt out methods 
1016.8 Revised privacy notices 
1016.9 Delivering privacy and opt out notices 

Subpart B—Limits on Disclosures

1016.10 Limits on disclosure of nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated third parties 
1016.11 Limits on redisclosure and reuse of information 
1016.12 Limits on sharing account number information for marketing purposes 

Subpart C—Exceptions

1016.13 Exception to opt out requirements for service providers and joint marketing 
1016.14 Exceptions to notice and opt out requirements for processing and servicing transactions 
1016.15 Other exceptions to notice and opt out requirements 

Subpart D—Relation to Other Laws

1016.16 Protection of Fair Credit Reporting Act 
1016.17 Relation to state laws 
Appendix—Model Privacy Form 

Fair Credit Reporting (Regulation V)

Subpart A—General Provisions

1022.1 Purpose, scope, and model forms and disclosures 
1022.2 Examples 
1022.3 Definitions 

Subpart B [Reserved]

Subpart C—Affiliate Marketing

1022.20 Coverage and definitions 
1022.21 Affiliate marketing opt-out and exceptions 
1022.22 Scope and duration of opt-out 
1022.23 Contents of opt-out notice; consolidated and equivalent notices 
1022.24 Reasonable opportunity to opt out 
1022.25 Reasonable and simple methods of opting out 
1022.26 Delivery of opt-out notices 
1022.27 Renewal of opt-out 

Subpart D—Medical Information

1022.30 Obtaining or using medical information in connection with a determination of eligibility for credit 
1022.31 Limits on redisclosure of information 
1022.32 Sharing medical information with affiliates 

Subpart E—Duties of Furnishers of Information

1022.40 Scope 
1022.41 Definitions 
1022.42 Reasonable policies and procedures concerning the accuracy and integrity of furnished Information 
1022.43 Direct disputes 

Subpart F—Duties of Users Regarding Obtaining and Using Consumer Reports

1022.50–1022.53 [Reserved]  
1022.54 Duties of users making written firm offers of credit or insurance based on information contained in consumer files 
1022.55–1022.59 [Reserved]  

Subpart G [Reserved]

Subpart H—Duties of Users Regarding Risk-Based Pricing

1022.70 Scope 
1022.71 Definitions 
1022.72 General requirements for risk-based pricing notices 
1022.73 Content, form, and timing of risk-based pricing notices 
1022.74 Exceptions 
1022.75 Rules of construction 

Subpart I—Duties of Users of Consumer Reports Regarding Identity Theft

1022.80--1022.81 [Reserved]
1022.82 Duties of users regarding address discrepancies 

Subparts J—L [Reserved]

Subpart M—Duties of Consumer Reporting Agencies Regarding Identity Theft

1022.120 [Reserved]
1022.121 Active duty alerts 
1022.122 [Reserved]
1022.123 Appropriate proof of identity 
1022.124--1022.129 [Reserved]

Subpart N—Duties of Consumer Reporting Agencies Regarding Disclosures to Consumers

1022.130 Definitions 
1022.131--1022.135 [Reserved]
1022.136 Centralized source for requesting annual file disclosures from nationwide consumer reporting agencies 
1022.137 Streamlined process for requesting annual file disclosures from nationwide specialty consumer reporting agencies 
1022.138 Prevention of deceptive marketing of free credit reports 
1022.139 [Reserved]

Subpart O—Miscellaneous Duties of Consumer Reporting Agencies

1022.140 Prohibition against circumventing or evading treatment as a consumer reporting agency 
1022.141 Reasonable charges for certain disclosures 
Appendix A [Reserved]
Appendix B—Model Notices of Furnishing Negative Information 
Appendix C—Model Forms for Opt-Out Notices 
Appendix D—Model Forms for Firm Offers of Credit or Insurance 
Appendix E—Interagency Guidelines Concerning the Accuracy and Integrity of Information Furnished to Consumer Reporting Agencies 
Appendices F-G [Reserved]
Appendix H—Appendix H—Model Forms for Risk-Based Pricing and Credit Score Disclosure Exception Notices 
Appendix I—Summary of Consumer Identity Theft Rights 
Appendix J [Reserved]
Appendix K—Summary of Consumer Rights 
Appendix L—Standardized Form for Requesting Annual File Disclosures 
Appendix M—Notice of Furnisher Responsibilities 
Appendix N—Notice of User Responsibilities 
Appendix O—Reasonable Charges for Certain Disclosures 


1024.1 Designation 
1024.2 Definitions 
1024.3 Questions or suggestions from public and copies of public guidance documents 
1024.4 Reliance upon rule, regulation or interpretation by the Bureau 
1024.5 Coverage of RESPA 
1024.6 Special information booklet at time of loan application 
1024.7 Good faith estimate 
1024.8 Use of HUD-1 or HUD-1A settlement statements 
1024.9 Reproduction of settlement statements 
1024.10 One-day advance inspection of HUD-1 or HUD-1A settlement statement; delivery; recordkeeping 
1024.11 Mailing 
1024.12 No fee 
1024.13 [Reserved]
1024.14 Prohibition against kickbacks and unearned fees 
1024.15 Affiliated business arrangements 
1024.16 Title companies 
1024.17 Escrow accounts 
1024.18 [Reserved]
1024.19 [Reserved]
1024.20 List of ownership counseling organizations
1024.30 Scope
1024.31 Definitions
1024.32 General disclosure requirements
1024.33 Mortgage servicing transfers
1024.34 Timely escrow payments and treatment of escrow account balances
1024.35 Error resolution procedures
1024.36 Requests for Information
1024.37 Force-placed insurance
1024.38 General servicing policies, procedures, and requirements
1024.39 Early intervention requirements for certain borrowers
1024.40 Continuity of contact
1024.41 Loss mitigation procedures
Appendix A—Instructions for Completing HUD-1 and HUD-1a Settlement Statements; Sample HUD-1 and HUD-1a Statements 
Appendix B—Illustrations of Requirements of RESPA 
Appendix C—Instructions for Completing Good Faith Estimate (GFE) Form 
Appendix D—Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure Statement Format Notice 
Appendix E—Arithmetic Steps 
Appendix MS-1 
Appendix MS-2 
Appendix MS-3 
Appendix MS-4 
Supplement I 

1026 Truth in Lending (Regulation Z)

Subpart A—General

1026.1 Authority, purpose, coverage, organization, enforcement, and liability 
1026.2 Definitions and rules of construction 
1026.3 Exempt transactions 
1026.4 Finance charge 

Subpart B—Open-End Credit

1026.5 General disclosure requirements 
1026.6 Account-opening disclosures 
1026.7 Periodic statement 
1026.8 Identifying transactions on periodic statements 
1026.9 Subsequent disclosure requirements 
1026.10 Payments 
1026.11 Treatment of credit balances; account termination 
1026.12 Special credit card provisions 
1026.13 Billing error resolution 
1026.14 Determination of annual percentage rate 
1026.15 Right of rescission 
1026.16 Advertising 

Subpart C—Closed-End Credit

1026.17 General disclosure requirements 
1026.18 Content of disclosures 
1026.19 Certain mortgage and variable-rate transactions 
1026.20 Disclosure requirements regarding post-consummation events 
1026.21 Treatment of credit balances
1026.22 Determination of annual percentage rate 
1026.23 Right of rescission
1026.24 Advertising 

Subpart D—Miscellaneous

1026.25 Record retention 
1026.26 Use of annual percentage rate in oral disclosures 
1026.27 Language of disclosures 
1026.28 Effect on state laws 
1026.29 State exemptions 
1026.30 Limitation on rates 

Subpart E—Special Rules for Certain Home Mortgage Transactions

1026.31 General rules 
1026.32 Requirements for certain high cost mortgages 
1026.33 Requirements for reverse mortgages 
1026.34 Prohibited acts or practices in connection with high-cost Mortgages 
1026.35 Prohibited acts or practices in connection with higher-priced mortgage loans 
1026.36 Prohibited acts or practices and certain requirements for credit secured by a dwelling 
1026.37 Content of disclosures for certain mortgage transactions (Loan Estimates)  
1026.38 Content of disclosures for certain mortgage transaction (Closing Disclosure)  
1026.39 Mortgage transfer disclosures 
1026.40 Requirements for home equity plans 
1026.41 Periodic statements for residential mortgage loans
1026.42 Valuation independence 
1026.43 Minimum standards for transactions secured by a dwelling
1026.44--1026.45 [Reserved]

Subpart F—Special Rules for Private Education Loans

1026.46 Special disclosure requirements for private education loans 
1026.47 Content of disclosures 
1026.48 Limitations on private education loans 

Subpart G—Special Rules Applicable to Credit Card Accounts and Open-End Credit Offered to College Students

1026.51 Ability to Pay 
1026.52 Limitations on fees 
1026.53 Allocation of payments 
1026.54 Limitations on the imposition of finance charges 
1026.55 Limitations on increasing annual percentage rates, fees, and charges 
1026.56 Requirements for over-the-limit transactions 
1026.57 Reporting and marketing rules for college student open-end credit 
1026.58 Internet posting of credit card agreements 
1026.59 Reevaluation of rate increases 
1026.60 Credit and charge card applications and solicitations 
1026.61 Hybrid prepaid-credit cards 
Appendix A—Effect on State Laws 
Appendix B—State Exemptions 
Appendix C—Issuance of Official Interpretations 
Appendix D—Multiple Advance Construction Loans 
Appendix E—Rules for Card Issuers That Bill on a Transaction-byTransaction Basis 
Appendix F—Optional Annual Percentage Rate Computations for Creditors Offering Open-End Credit Plans Secured by a Consumer's Dwelling 
Appendix G—Open-End Model Forms and Clauses 
Appendix H—Closed-End Model Forms and Clauses 
Appendix I--[Reserved]
Appendix J—Annual Percentage Rate Computations for Closed-End Credit Transactions 
Appendix K—Total Annual Loan Cost Rate Computations for Reverse Mortgage Transactions 
Appendix L—Assumed Loan Periods for Computations of Total Annual Loan Cost Rates 
Appendix M1—Repayment Disclosures 
Appendix M2—Sample Calculations of Repayment Disclosures 
Appendix N—Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan Appraisal Safe Harbor Review 
Appendix O—Illustrative Written Source Documents for Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan Appraisal Rules 
Appendix P [Reserved]
Appendix Q—Standards for Determining Monthly Debt and Income 
Supplement I—Official Interpretations 

1030 Truth in Savings (Regulation DD)

1030.1 Authority, purpose, coverage, and effect on state laws 
1030.2 Definitions 
1030.3 General disclosure requirements 
1030.4 Account disclosures 
1030.5 Subsequent disclosures 
1030.6 Periodic statement disclosures 
1030.7 Payment of interest 
1030.8 Advertising 
1030.9 Enforcement and record retention 
1030.10 [Reserved]
1030.11 Additional disclosure requirements for overdraft services 
Appendix A—Annual Percentage Yield Calculation 
Appendix B—Model Clauses and Sample Forms 
Appendix C—Effect on State Laws 
Appendix D—Issuance of Official Interpretations 
Supplement I—Official Interpretations 

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