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4000 - Advisory Opinions


NOTE: As a public service, and in an effort to help bankers, lawyers, and others having an interest in federal banking law to better understand the statutes and regulations administered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (including the FDIC's rules for determining deposit insurance coverage), the FDIC's legal staff has selected for publication a representative sampling of FDIC staff legal advisory opinions, interpretive letters, and general informational letters. The FDIC has not attempted to identify or publish all, or even most, letters on a particular subject, and there may well be other letters that have not been selected for publication. Similarly, the FDIC does not plan to review letters, once they have been published, for the purpose of flagging or removing those that may have become outdated, superseded or discredited, or that may have been revised, modified, revoked or suspended.

The letters express the views and opinions of individual FDIC staff lawyers and are not binding on the FDIC, its Board of Directors, or any board member; any representation to the contrary is expressly disclaimed. The letters should only be considered advisory in nature, and the reader bears the responsibility for relying on them.

The FDIC has deleted from the letters certain personal, confidential, or identifying information (e.g., names and addresses of persons and organizations, names of banks and bank customers, amounts on deposit, financial data, etc.). Deletions are marked with asterisks.

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