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FDIC Law, Regulations, Related Acts

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2000 - Rules and Regulations



303.0 Scope.

Subpart A—Rules of General Applicability

303.1 Scope.
303.2 Definitions.
303.3 General filing procedures.
303.4 Computation of time.
303.5 Effect of Community Reinvestment Act performance on filings.
303.6 Investigations and examinations.
303.7 Public notice requirements.
303.8 Public access to filing.
303.10 Hearings and other meetings.
303.11 Decisions.
303.12 Waivers.
303.13 [Reserved]
303.14 Being "engaged in the business of receiving deposits other than trust funds."
303.15 Certain limited liability companies deemed incorporated under State law.
303.16--303.19  [Reserved]

Subpart B—Deposit Insurance

303.20 Scope.
303.21 Filing procedures.
303.22 Processing.
303.23 Public notice requirements.
303.24 Application for deposit insurance for an interim institution.
303.25 Continuation of deposit insurance upon withdrawing from membership in the Federal Reserve System.
303.26--303.39  [Reserved]

Subpart C—Establishment and Relocation of Domestic Branches and Offices

303.40 Scope.
303.41 Definitions.
303.42 Filing procedures.
303.43 Processing.
303.44 Public notice requirements.
303.45 Special provisions.
303.46 Financial education programs that include the provision of bank products and services.
303.47--303.59  [Reserved]

Subpart D—Merger Transactions

303.60 Scope.
303.61 Definitions.
303.62 Transactions requiring prior approval.
303.63 Filing procedures.
303.64 Processing.
303.65 Public notice requirements.
303.66--303.79  [Reserved]

Subpart E—Change in Bank Control

303.80 Scope.
303.81 Definitions.
303.82 Transactions that require prior notice.
303.83 Transactions that require notice, but not prior notice.
303.84 Transactions that do not require notice.
303.85 Filing procedures.
303.86 Processing.
303.87 Public notice requirements.
303.88 Reporting of stock loans and changes in chief executive officers and directors.
303.89--303.99  [Reserved]

Subpart F—Change of Director or Senior Executive Officer

303.100 Scope.
303.101 Definitions.
303.102 Filing procedures and waiver of prior notice.
303.103 Processing.
303.104--303.119  [Reserved]

Subpart G—Activities of Insured State Banks

303.120 Scope.
303.121 Filing procedures.
303.122 Processing.
303.123--303.139  [Reserved]

Subpart H—Activities of Insured Savings Associations

303.140 Scope.
303.141 Filing procedures.
303.142 Processing.
303.143—303.159 [Reserved]

Subpart I—Mutual-to-Stock Conversions

303.160 Scope.
303.161 Filing procedures.
303.162 Waiver from compliance.
303.163 Processing.
303.164--303.179  [Reserved]

Subpart J—International Banking

303.180 Scope.
303.181 Definitions.
303.182 Establishing, moving or closing a foreign branch of an insured state nonmember bank.
303.183 Investment by insured state nonmember banks in foreign organization.
303.184 Moving an insured branch of a foreign bank.
303.185 Mergers transactions involving foreign banks or foreign organizations.
303.186 Exemptions from insurance requirements for a state branch of a foreign bank.
303.187 Approval for an insured state branch of a foreign bank to conduct activities not permissible for federal branches.
303.188--303.199  [Reserved]

Subpart K—Prompt Corrective Action

303.200 Scope.
303.201 Filing procedures.
303.202 Processing.
303.203 Applications for capital distributions.
303.204 Applications for acquisitions, branching, and new lines of business.
303.205 Applications for bonuses and increased compensation for senior executive officers.
303.206 Application for payment of principal or interest on subordinated debt.
303.207 Restricted activities for critically undercapitalized institutions.
303.208--303.219  [Reserved]

Subpart L—Section 19 of the FDI Act (Consent to Service of Persons Convicted of, or Who Have Program Entries for, Certain Criminal Offenses)

303.220 What is section 19 of the FDI Act?
303.221 Who is covered by section 19?
303.222 What offenses are covered under section 19?
303.223 What constitutes a conviction under section 19?
303.224 What constitutes a pretrial diversion or similar program (program entry) under section 19?
303.225 What are the types of applications that can be filed?
303.226 When must an application be filed?
303.227 When is an application not required for a covered offense or program entry (de minimis offenses)?
303.228 How to file an application.
303.229 How an application is evaluated.
303.230 What will the FDIC do if the application is denied?
303.231 Waiting time for a subsequent application if an application is denied.
303.232—303.239 [Reserved]

Subpart M—Other Filings

303.240 General.
303.241 Reduce or retire capital stock or capital debt instruments.
303.242 Exercise of trust powers.
303.243 Brokered deposit waivers.
303.244 Golden parachute and severance plan payments.
303.245 Waiver of liability for commonly controlled depository institutions.
303.246 Conversion with diminution of capital.
303.247 Continue or resume status as an insured institution following termination under section 8 of the FDI Act.
303.248 Truth in Lending Act—Relief from reimbursement.
303.249 Management official interlocks.
303.250 Modification of conditions.
303.251 Extension of time.
303.252 [Redesignated]
303.253--303.259  [Reserved]

Subpart N—[Reserved]

Authority:  12 U.S.C. 378, 1464, 1813, 1815, 1817, 1818, 1819(a), (Seventh and Tenth), 1820, 1823, 1828, 1831a, 1831e, 1831o, 1831p--1, 1831w, 1835a, 1843(1), 3104, 3105, 3108, 3207, 5414, 5415 and 15 U.S.C. 1601--1607.

SOURCE:  The provisions of this Part 303 appear at 67 Fed. Reg. 79247, December 27, 2002, effective December 27, 2002, except as otherwise noted.

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