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FDIC Law, Regulations, Related Acts

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2000 - Rules and Regulations



Subchapter A—Procedure and Rules of Practice

301 [Reserved]
302 Use of Supervisory Guidance
302.1   Purpose
302.2   Implementation of the statement clarifying the role of supervisory guidance
302.3   Rule of construction
Appendix A to Part 302—Statement Clarifying the Role of Supervisory Guidance
303   Filing Procedures
303.0   Scope

Subpart A—Rules of General Applicability

303.1   Scope
303.2   Definitions
303.3   General filing procedures
303.4   Computation of time
303.5   Effect of Community Reinvestment Act performance on filings
303.6   Investigations and examinations
303.7   Public notice requirements
303.8   Public access to filing
303.10  Hearings and other meetings
303.11  Decisions
303.12  Waivers
303.13  [Reserved]
303.14  Being "engaged in the business of receiving deposits other than trust funds"
303.15  Certain limited liability companies deemed incorporated under State law
303.16–303.19  [Reserved]

Subpart B—Deposit Insurance

303.20  Scope
303.21  Filing procedures
303.22  Processing
303.23  Public notice requirements
303.24  Application for deposit insurance for an interim institution
303.25  Continuation of deposit insurance upon withdrawing from membership in the Federal Reserve System
303.26–303.39  [Reserved]

Subpart C—Establishment and Relocation of Domestic Branches and Offices

303.40  Scope
303.41  Definitions
303.42  Filing procedures
303.43  Processing
303.44  Public notice requirements
303.45  Special provisions
303.46  Financial education programs that include the provision of bank products and services
303.47–303.59  [Reserved]

Subpart D—Merger Transactions

303.60  Scope
303.61  Definitions
303.62  Transactions requiring prior approval
303.63  Filing procedures
303.64  Processing
303.65  Public notice requirements
303.66–303.79  [Reserved]

Subpart E—Change in Bank Control

303.80  Scope
303.81  Definitions
303.82  Transactions that require prior notice
303.83  Transactions that require notice, but not prior notice
303.84  Transactions that do not require notice
303.85  Filing procedures
303.86  Processing
303.87  Public notice requirements
303.88  Reporting of stock loans and changes in chief executive officers and directors
303.89–303.99  [Reserved]

Subpart F—Change of Director or Senior Executive Officer

303.100 Scope
303.101 Definitions
303.102 Filing procedures and waiver of prior notice
303.103 Processing
303.104–303.119 [Reserved]

Subpart G—Activities of Insured State Banks

303.120 Scope
303.121 Filing procedures
303.122 Processing
303.123–303.139 [Reserved]

Subpart H—Activities of Insured Savings Associations

303.140 Scope
303.141 Filing procedures
303.142 Processing
303.143–303.159 [Reserved]

Subpart I—Mutual-to-Stock Conversions

303.160 Scope
303.161 Filing procedures
303.162 Waiver from compliance
303.163 Processing
303.164–303.179 [Reserved]

Subpart J—International Banking

303.180 Scope
303.181 Definitions
303.182 Establishing, moving or closing a foreign branch of an insured state nonmember bank
303.183 Investment by insured state nonmember banks in foreign organizations
303.184 Moving an insured branch of a foreign bank
303.185 Mergers transactions involving foreign banks or foreign organizations
303.186 Exemptions from insurance requirements for a state branch of a foreign bank
303.187 Approval for an insured state branch of a foreign bank to conduct activities not permissible for federal branches
303.188–303.199 [Reserved]

Subpart K—Prompt Corrective Action

303.200 Scope
303.201 Filing procedures
303.202 Processing
303.203 Applications for capital distributions
303.204 Applications for acquisitions, branching, and new lines of business
303.205 Applications for bonuses and increased compensation for senior executive officers
303.206 Application for payment of principal or interest on subordinated debt
303.207 Restricted activities for critically undercapitalized institutions
303.208–303.219 [Reserved]

Subpart L—Section 19 of the FDI Act
(Consent to Service of Persons Convicted of,
or Who Have Prorgram Entries For, Certain Criminal Offenses)

303.220 What is section 19 of the FDI Act?
303.221 Who is covered by section 19?
303.222 What offenses are covered under section 19?
303.223 What constitutes a conviction under section 19?
303.224 What constitutes a pretrial diversion or similar program (program entry) under section 19?
303.225 What are the types of applications that can be filed?
303.226 When must an application be filed?
303.227 When is an application not required for a covered offense or program entry (de minimis offenses)?
303.228 How to file an application
303.229 How an application is evaluated
303.230 What will the FDIC do if the application is denied?
303.231 Waiting time for a subsequent application if an application is denied
303.232—303.239 [Reserved]  

Subpart M—Other Filings

303.240 General
303.241 Reduce or retire capital stock or capital debt instruments
303.242 Exercise of trust powers
303.243 Brokered deposit waivers
303.244 Golden parachute and severance plan payments
303.245 Waiver of liability for commonly controlled depository institutions
303.246 Conversion with diminution of capital
303.247 Continue or resume status as an insured institution following termination under section 8 of the FDI Act
303.248 Truth in Lending Act—Relief from reimbursement
303.249 Management official interlocks
303.250 Modification of conditions
303.251 Extension of time
303.252–303.259 [Reserved]
304 Forms, Instructions, and Reports
304.1   Purpose
304.2   Where to obtain forms and instructions
304.3   Reports
304.4–304.10  [Reserved]    

Subpart B—Implementation of Reduced Reporting Requirement

304.11   Authority, purpose, and scope
304.12   Definitions
304.13   Reduced reporting
304.14   Reservation of authority
305 [Reserved]
306 [Reserved]
307 Certification of assumption of deposits and notification of changes of insured status
307.1   Scope and Purpose
307.2   Certification of assumption of deposit liabilities
307.3   Notice to depositors when insured status is voluntarily terminated and deposits are not assumed
Appendix A to Part 307—Transferring Institution Letterhead
Appendix B to Part 307—Institution Letterhead
308 Rules of Practice and Procedure

Subpart A—Uniform Rules of Practice and Procedure

308.1   Scope
308.2   Rules of construction
308.3   Definitions
308.4   Authority of Board of Directors
308.5   Authority of the administrative law judge
308.6   Appearance and practice in adjudicatory proceedings
308.7   Good faith certification
308.8   Conflicts of interest
308.9   Ex parte communications
308.10  Filing of papers
308.11  Service of papers
308.12  Construction of time limits
308.13  Change of time limits
308.14  Witness fees and expenses
308.15  Opportunity for informal settlement
308.16  FDIC's right to conduct examination
308.17  Collateral attacks on adjudicatory proceeding
308.18  Commencement of proceeding and contents of notice
308.19  Answer
308.20  Amended pleadings
308.21  Failure to appear
308.22  Consolidation and severance of actions
308.23  Motions
308.24  Scope of document discovery
308.25  Request for document discovery from parties
308.26  Document subpoenas to nonparties
308.27  Deposition of witness unavailable for hearing
308.28  Interlocutory review
308.29  Summary disposition
308.30  Partial summary disposition
308.31  Scheduling and prehearing conferences
308.32  Prehearing submissions
308.33  Public hearings
308.34  Hearing subpoenas
308.35  Conduct of hearings
308.36  Evidence
308.37  Post-hearing filings
308.38  Recommended decision and filing of record
308.39  Exceptions to recommended decision
308.40  Review by Board of Directors
308.41  Stays pending judicial review

Subpart B—General Rules of Procedure

308.101 Scope of Local Rules
308.102 Authority of Board of Directors and Administrative Officer
308.103 Appointment of administrative law judge
308.104 Filings with the Board of Directors
308.105 Custodian of the record
308.106 Written testimony in lieu of oral hearing
308.107 Document discovery

Subpart C—Rules of Practice Before the FDIC and Standards of Conduct

308.108 Sanctions
308.109 Suspension and disbarment

Subpart D—Rules and Procedures Applicable to Proceedings Relating to Disapproval of Acquisition of Control

308.110 Scope
308.111 Grounds for disapproval
308.112 Notice of disapproval
308.113 Answer to notice of disapproval
308.114 Burden of proof

Subpart E—Rules and Procedures Applicable to Proceedings Relating to Assessment of Civil Penalties for Willful Violations of the Change in Bank Control Act

308.115 Scope
308.116 Assessment of penalties
308.117 Effective date of, and payment under, an order to pay
308.118 Collection of penalties

Subpart F—Rules and Procedures Applicable to Proceedings for Involuntary Termination of Insured Status

308.119 Scope
308.120 Grounds for termination of insurance
308.121 Notification to primary regulator
308.122 Notice of intent to terminate
308.123 Notice to depositors
308.124 Involuntary termination of insured status for failure to receive deposits
308.125 Temporary suspension of deposit insurance
308.126 Special supervisory associations

Subpart G—Rules and Procedures Applicable to Proceedings Relating to Cease- and Desist-Orders

308.127 Scope
308.128 Grounds for cease-and-desist orders
308.129 Notice to state supervisory authority
308.130 Effective date of order and service on bank
308.131 Temporary cease-and-desist order

Subpart H—Rules and Procedures Applicable to Proceedings Relating to Assessment and Collection of Civil Money Penalties for Violation of Cease-and-Desist Orders and of Certain Federal Statutes, Including Call Report Penalties

308.132 Assessment of penalties
308.133 Effective date of, and payment under, an order to pay

Subpart I—Rules and Procedures for Imposition of Sanctions Upon Municipal Securities Dealers or Persons Associated With Them and Clearing Agencies or Transfer Agents

308.134 Scope
308.135 Grounds for imposition of sanctions
308.136 Notice to and consultation with the Securities and Exchange Commission
308.137 Effective date of order imposing sanctions

Subpart J—Rules and Procedures Relating to Exemption Proceedings Under Section 12(h) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

308.138 Scope
308.139 Application for exemption
308.140 Newspaper notice
308.141 Notice of hearing
308.142 Hearing
308.143 Decision of Board of Directors

Subpart K—Procedures Applicable to Investigations Pursuant to Section 10(c) of the FDIA

308.144 Scope
308.145 Conduct of investigation
308.146 Powers of person conducting investigation
308.147 Investigations confidential
308.148 Rights of witnesses
308.149 Service of subpoena
308.150 Transcripts

Subpart L—Procedures and Standards Applicable to a Notice of Change in
Senior Executive Officer or Director Pursuant to Section 32 of the FDIA

308.151 Scope
308.152 Grounds for disapproval of notice
308.153 Procedures where notice of disapproval issues pursuant to § 303.103(c)(4) of this chapter
308.154 Decision on review
308.155 Hearing

Subpart M—Procedures Applicable to the Request for and Conduct of a
Hearing after Denial of an Application under Section 19 of the FDI Act

308.156 Scope
308.157 Denial of applications
308.158 Hearings
308.159--308.160  [Reserved]

Subpart N—Rules and Procedures Applicable to Proceedings Relating to
Suspension, Removal, and Prohibition Where a Felony is Charged

308.161 Scope
308.162 Relevant considerations
308.163 Notice of suspension or prohibition, and orders of removal or prohibition
308.164 Hearings

Subpart O—Liability of Commonly Controlled Depository Institutions

308.165 Scope
308.166 Grounds for assessment of liability
308.167 Notice of assessment of liability
308.168 Effective date of and payment under an order to pay

Subpart P—Rules and Procedures Relating to the
Recovery of Attorney Fees and Other Expenses

308.169 Scope
308.170 Filing, content, and service of documents
308.171 Responses to application
308.172 Eligibility of applicants
308.173 Prevailing party
308.174 Standards for awards
308.175 Measure of awards
308.176 Application for awards
308.177 Statement of net worth
308.178 Statement of fees and expenses
308.179 Settlement negotiations
308.180 Further proceedings
308.181 Recommended decision
308.182 Board of Directors action
308.183 Payment of awards

Subpart Q—Issuance and Review of Orders Pursuant to the Prompt Corrective Action Provisions of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act

308.200 Scope
308.201 Directives to take prompt corrective action
308.202 Procedures for reclassifying an FDIC-supervised institution based on criteria other than capital
308.203 Order to dismiss a director or senior executive officer
308.204 Enforcement of directives

Subpart R—Submission and Review of Safety and Soundness Compliance Plans and Issuance of Orders To Correct Safety and Soundness Deficiencies

308.300 Scope.
308.301 Purpose.
308.302 Determination and notification of failure to meet a safety and soundness standard and request for compliance plan.
308.303 Filing of safety and soundness compliance plan.
308.304 Issuance of orders to correct deficiencies and to take or refrain from taking other actions.
308.305 Enforcement of orders.

Subpart S—Applications for a Stay or Review of Actions of Bank Clearing Agencies

308.400 Scope
308.401 Applications for stays of disciplinary sanctions or summary suspensions by a bank clearing agency
308.402 Applications for review of final disciplinary sanctions, denials of participation, or prohibitions or limitations of access to services imposed by bank clearing agencies

Subpart T—Program Fraud Civil Remedies and Procedures

308.500 Basis, purpose, and scope
308.501 Definitions
308.502 Basis for civil penalties and assessments
308.503 Investigations
308.504 Review by the reviewing official
308.505 Prerequisites for issuing a complaint
308.506 Complaint
308.507 Service of complaint
308.508 Answer
308.509 Default upon failure to file an answer
308.510 Referral of complaint and answer to the ALJ
308.511 Notice of hearing
308.512 Parties to the hearing
308.513 Separation of functions
308.514 Ex parte contacts
308.515 Disqualification of reviewing official or ALJ
308.516 Rights of parties
308.517 Authority of the ALJ
308.518 Prehearing conferences
308.519 Disclosure of documents
308.520 Discovery
308.521 Exchange of witness lists, statements, and exhibits
308.522 Subpoenas for attendance at hearing
308.523 Protective order
308.524 Witness fees
308.525 Form, filing, and service of papers
308.526 Computation of time
308.527 Motions
308.528 Sanctions
308.529 The hearing and burden of proof
308.530 Determining the amount of penalties and assessments
308.531 Location of hearing
308.532 Witnesses
308.533 Evidence
308.534 The record
308.535 Post-hearing briefs
308.536 Initial decision
308.537 Reconsideration of initial decision
308.538 Appeal to the Board of Directors
308.539 Stays ordered by the Department of Justice
308.540 Stay pending appeal
308.541 Judicial review
308.542 Collection of civil penalties and assessments
308.543 Right to administrative offset
308.544 Deposit in Treasury of United States
308.545 Compromise or settlement
308.546 Limitations

Subpart U—Removal, Suspension, and Debarment of Accountants From Performing Audit Services

308.600 Scope
308.601 Definitions
308.602 Removal, suspension, or debarment
308.603 Automatic removal, suspension, and debarment
308.604 Notice of removal, suspension, or debarment
308.605 Application for reinstatement
309 Disclosure of Information
309.1   Purpose and scope
309.2   Definitions
309.3   Federal Register publication
309.4   Publicly available records
309.5   Procedures for requesting records
309.6   Disclosure of exempt records
309.7   Service of process
310 Privacy Act Regulations


310.1   Purpose and scope
310.2   Definitions
310.3   Procedures for requests pertaining to individual records in a system of records
310.4   Times, places, and requirements for identification of individuals making requests
310.5   Disclosure of requested information to individuals
310.6   Special procedures: Medical records
310.7   Request for amendment of record
310.8   Agency review of request for amendment of record
310.9   Appeal of adverse initial agency determination on access or amendment
310.10  Disclosure of record to person other than the individual to whom it pertains
310.11  Fees
310.12  Penalties
310.13  Exemptions

FDIC Systems of Records

30–64–0001 Attorney and Legal Intern Applicant Records
30–64–0002 Financial Institution Investigative and Enforcement Records
30–64–0003 Administrative and Personnel Action Records
30–64–0004 Changes in Financial Institution Control Ownership Records
30–64–0005 Consumer Complaint and Inquiry Records
30–64–0006 Employee Financial Disclosure Records
30–64–0007 FDIC Learning and Development Records
30–64–0008 Chain Banking Organizations Identification Records
30–64–0009 Safety and Security Incident Records
30–64–0010 Investigative Files of the Office of the Inspector General
30–64–0011 Corporate Applicant Recruiting, Evaluating, and Electronic Referral Records
30–64–0012 Financial Information Management Records
30–64–0013 Insured Financial Institution Liquidation Records
30–64–0014 Personnel Benefits and Enrollment Records
30–64–0015 Personnel Records
30–64–0016 Professional Qualification Records for Municipal Securities Dealers, Municipal Securities Representatives and U.S. Government Securities Brokers/Dealers
30–64–0017 Employee Medical and Health Assessment Records
30–64–0018 Grievance Records
30–64–0019 Potential Bidders List
30–64–0020 Telephone Call Detail Records
30–64–0021 Fitness Center Records
30–64–0022 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Request Records
30–64–0023 Affordable Housing Program Records
30–64–0024 Unclaimed Deposits Account Records
30–64–0025 Beneficial Ownership Filings (Securities Exchange Act)
30–64–0026 Transit Subsidy Program Records
30–64–0027 Parking Program Records
30–64–0028 Office of the Chairman Correspondence Records
30–64–0029 Congressional Correspondence Records
30–64–0030 Legislative Information Tracking System Records
30–64–0031 Online Ordering Request Records
30–64–0032 [Reserved]
30–64–0033 Emergency Notification Records
30–64–0034 Office of Inspector General Inquiry Records
30–64–0035 Identity, Credential and Access Management Records
Appendix A—Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Regional Offices
311 Rules Governing Public Observation of Meetings of the Corporation's Board of Directors
311.1   Purpose
311.2   Definitions
311.3   Meetings
311.4   Procedures for announcing meetings
311.5   Regular procedure for closing meetings
311.6   Expedited procedure for announcing and closing certain meetings
311.7   General Counsel certification
311.8   Transcripts and minutes of meetings
312     [Reserved]
313 Procedures for Collection of Corporate Debt, Criminal Restitution Debt, and Civil Money Penalty Debt

Subpart A—Scope, Purpose, Definitions and Delegations of Authority

313.1   Scope
313.2   Purpose
313.3   Definitions
313.4   Delegations of authority
313.5–313.19  [Reserved]

Subpart B—Administrative Offset

313.20  Applicability and scope
313.21  Definitions
313.22  Collection
313.23  Offset prior to completion of procedures
313.24  Omission of procedures
313.25  Debtor's rights
313.26  Interest
313.27  Refunds
313.28  No requirement for duplicate notice
313.29  Requests for offset to other federal agencies
313.30  Requests for offset from other federal agencies
313.31–313.39  [Reserved]

Subpart C—Salary Offset

313.40  Scope
313.41  Notice requirement where FDIC is creditor agency
313.42  Procedures to request a hearing
313.43  Failure to timely submit request for hearing
313.44  Procedure for hearing
313.45  Certification of debt by FDIC as creditor agency
313.46  Notice of salary offset where FDIC is the paying agency
313.47  Voluntary repayment agreements as alternative to salary offset where the FDIC is the creditor agency
313.48  Special review of repayment agreement or salary offset due to changed circumstances
313.49  Coordinating salary offset with other agencies
313.50  Interest, penalties, and administrative costs
313.51  Refunds
313.52  Request from a creditor agency for services of a hearing official
313.53  Non-waiver of rights by payments
313.54  Exception to due process procedures
313.55  Salary adjustments
313.56–313.79  [Reserved]

Subpart D—Administrative Wage Garnishment

313.80  Scope and purpose
313.81  Notice
313.82  Debtor's rights
313.83  Form of hearing
313.84  Effect of timely request
313.85  Failure to timely request a hearing
313.86  Hearing official
313.87  Procedure
313.88  Format of hearing
313.89  Date of decision
313.90  Content of decision
313.91  Finality of agency action
313.92  Failure to appear
313.93  Wage garnishment order
313.94  Certification by employer
313.95  Amounts withheld
313.96  Exclusions from garnishment
313.97  Financial hardship
313.98  Ending garnishment
313.99  Prohibited actions by employer
313.100 Refunds
313.101 Right of action
313.102–313.119 [Reserved]

Subpart E—Tax Refund Offset

313.120 Scope
313.121 Definitions
313.122 Notification of debt to FMS
313.123 Certification and referral of debt
313.124 Pre-offset notice and consideration of evidence
313.125 No requirement for duplicate notice
313.126 Referral of past-due, legally enforceable debt
313.127 Correcting and updating referral
313.128 Disposition of amounts collected
313.129–313.139 [Reserved]

Subpart F—Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund Offset

313.140 Future benefits
313.141 Notification to OPM
313.142 Request for administrative offset
313.143 Cancellation of deduction
313.144–313.159 [Reserved]

Subpart G—Mandatory Centralized Administrative Offset

313.160 Treasury notification
313.161 Certification of debt
313.162 Compliance with 31 CFR part 285
313.163 Notification of debts of 180 days or less
313.164–313.180 [Reserved]

Subpart H—Civil Money Penalty Debt

313.181 Scope
313.182 Purpose
313.183 Definitions
313.184 Collection of civil money penalty debt
313.185-313.190 [Reserved]

Subchapter B—Regulations and Statements of General Policy

Subpart A—Appraisals Generally

323    Appraisals
323.1   Authority, purpose, and scope
323.2   Definitions
323.3   Appraisalsrequired; transactions requiring a State certified or licensed appraiser
323.4   Minimum appraisal standards
323.5   Appraiser independence
323.6   Professional association membership; competency
323.7   Enforcement

Subpart B—Appraisal Management Company Minimum Requirements

323.8   Authority, purpose, and scope
323.9   Definitions
323.10  Appraiser panel-annual size calculation
323.11  Appraisal management company registration
323.12  Ownership limitations for State-registered appraisal management companies
323.13  Requirements for Federally regulated appraisal management companies
323.14  Information to be presented to the Appraisal Subcommittee by participating States

324  Captital Adequacy of FDIC–Supervised Institutions

Subpart A—General Provisions

324.1  Purpose, applicability, reservations of authority, and timing
324.2  Definitions
324.3  Operational requirements for counterparty credit risk
324.4  Inadequate capital as an unsafe or unsound practice or condition
324.5  Issuance of directives
324.6–324.9  [Reserved]

Subpart B—Capital Ratio Requirements and Buffers

 324.10 Minimum capital requirements
324.11 Capital conservation buffer and countercyclical capital buffer amount
324.12 Community bank leverage ratio framework
324.13–324.19 [Reserved]

Subpart C—Definition of Capital

 324.20 Capital components and eligibility criteria for regulatory capital instruments
324.21 Minority interest
324.22 Regulatory capital adjustments and deductions
324.23–324.29 [Reserved]

Subpart D— Risk-Weighted Assets—Standardized Approach

 324.30 Applicability


324.31 Mechanics for calculating risk-weighted assets for general credit risk
324.32 General risk weights
324.33 Off-balance sheet exposures
324.34 Derivative contracts
324.35 Cleared transactions
324.36 Guarantees and credit derivatives: Substitution treatment
324.37 Collateralized transactions


324.38 Unsettled transactions
324.39–324.40 [Reserved]


324.41 Operational requirements for securitization exposures
324.42 Risk-weighted assets for securitization exposures
324.43 Simplified supervisory formula approach (SSFA) and the gross-up approach
324.44 Securitization exposures to which the SSFA and gross-up approach do not apply
324.45 Recognition of credit risk mitigants for securitization exposures
324.46–324.50 [Reserved]


324.51 Introduction and exposure measurement
324.52 Simple risk-weight approach (SRWA)
324.53 Equity exposures to investment funds
324.54–324.60 [Reserved]


324.61 Purpose and scope
324.62 Disclosure requirements
324.63 Disclosures by FDIC-supervised institutions described in § 324.61
324.64–324.99 [Reserved]

Subpart E—Risk-Weighted Assets—Internal Ratings-Based and
Advanced Measurement Approaches

324.100 Purpose, applicability, and principle of conservatism
324.101 Definitions
324.102–324.120 [Reserved]


324.121 Qualification process
324.122 Qualification requirements
324.123 Ongoing qualification
324.124 Merger and acquisition transitional arrangements
324.125–324.130 [Reserved]


324.131 Mechanics for calculating total wholesale and retail risk-weighted assets
324.132 Counterparty credit risk of repo-style transactions, eligible margin loans, and OTC derivative contracts
324.133 Cleared transactions
324.134 Guarantees and credit derivatives: PD substitution and LGD adjustment approaches
324.135 Guarantees and credit derivatives: Double default treatment
324.136 Unsettled transactions
324.137–324.140 [Reserved]


324.141 Operational criteria for recognizing the transfer of risk
324.142 Risk-weighted assets for securitization exposures
324.143 Supervisory formula approach (SFA)
324.144 Simplified supervisory formula approach (SSFA)
324.145 Recognition of credit risk mitigants for securitization exposures
324.146–324.150 [Reserved]


324.151 Introduction and exposure measurement
324.152 Simple risk weight approach (SRWA)
324.153 Internal models approach (IMA)
324.154 Equity exposures to investment funds
324.155 Equity derivative contracts
324.156–324.160 [Reserved]


324.161 Qualification requirements for incorporation of operational risk mitigants
324.162 Mechanics of risk-weighted asset calculation
324.163–324.170 [Reserved] .


324.171 Purpose and scope
324.172 Disclosure requirements
324.173 Disclosures by certain advanced approaches FDIC-supervised institutions and Category III FDIC-supervised institutions
324.174–324.200 [Reserved]

Subpart F—Risk-Weighted Assets—Market Risk

324.201 Purpose, applicability, and reservation of authority
324.202 Definitions
324.203 Requirements for application of this subpart F
324.204 Measure for market risk
324.205 VaR-based measure
324.206 Stressed VaR-based measure
324.207 Specific risk
324.208 Incremental risk
324.209 Comprehensive risk
324.210 Standardized measurement method for specific risk
324.211 Simplified supervisory formula approach (SSFA)
324.212 Market risk disclosures
324.213–324.299 [Reserved]

Subpart G—Transition Provisions

 324.300 Transitions
324.301 Current expected credit losses (CECL) transition
324.302 Exposures Related to the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility
324.303 Temporary changes to the community bank leverage ratio framework
324.304 Temporary exclusions from total leverage exposure
324.305 Exposures related to the Paycheck Protection Program Lending Facility
324.306–324.399 [Reserved]

Subpart H—Prompt Corrective Action

 324.401 Authority, purpose, scope, other supervisory authority, disclosure of capital categories, and transition procedures
324.402 Notice of capital category
324.403 Capital measures and capital category definitions
324.404 Capital restoration plans
324.405 Mandatory and discretionary supervisory actions
325    Stress Testing
325.1 Authority, purpose, and reservation of authority
325.2 Definitions
325.3 Applicability
325.4 Periodic stress tests required
325.5 Methodologies and practices
325.6 Required reports of stress test results to the FDIC and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
325.7 Publication of stress test results
326 Minimum Security Devices and Procedures and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance

Subpart A—Minimum Security Procedures

326.0   Authority, purpose, and scope
326.1   Definitions
326.2   Designation of security officer
326.3   Security program
326.4   Reports

Subpart B—Procedures for Monitoring Bank Secrecy Act Compliance

326.8   Bank Secrecy Act compliance
327 Assessments

Subpart A—In General

327.1   Purpose and scope
327.2   Certified statements
327.3   Payment of assessments
327.4   Assessment rates
327.5   Assessment base
327.6   Mergers and consolidations; other terminations of insurance
327.7   Payment of interest on assessment underpayments and overpayments
327.8   Definitions
327.9   Assessment pricing methods
327.10  Assessment rate schedules
327.11  Surcharges and assessments required to raise the reserve ratio of the DIF to 1.35 percent
327.12  Prepayment of quarterly risk-based assessments
327.15  Emergency special assessments
327.16  Assessment pricing methods—beginning the first assessment period after June 30, 2016, where the reserve ratio of the DIF as of the end of the prior assessment period has reached or exceeded 1.15 percent
327.17  Mitigating the Deposit Insurance Assessment Effect of Participation in the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility, the Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility, and the Paycheck Protection Program
Appendix A to Subpart A of Part 327—Method to Derive Pricing Multipliers  and Uniform Amount
Appendix B to Subpart A of Part 327—Conversion of Scorecard Measures  into Score      
Appendix C to Subpart A of Part 327—Description of Concentration  Measures
Appendix D to Subpart A of Part 327—Description of the Loss Severity  Measure
Appendix E to Subpart A of Part 327—Mitigating the Deposit Insurance Assessment Effect of Participation in the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility, the Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility, and the Paycheck Protection Program

Subpart B—Implentation of One-Time Assessment Credit

327.30  Purpose and scope
327.31  Definitions
327.32  Determination of aggregate credit amount
327.33  Determination of eligible institution's credit amount
327.34  Transferability of credits
327.35  Application of credits
327.36  Requests for review of credit amount

Subpart C—Implementation of Dividend Requirements

327.50  Dividends
328 Advertisement of Membership
328.0   Scope
328.1   Official sign
328.2   Display and procurement of official sign
328.3   Official advertising statement requirements
328.4   Prohibition against receiving deposits at same teller station or window as noninsured institution
329 Liquidity Risk Measurement Standards

Subpart A—General Provisions

329.1   Purpose and applicability
329.2   Reservation of authority
329.3   Definitions
329.4   Certain operational requirements

Subpart B—Liquidity Coverage Ratio

329.10  Liquidity coverage ratio

Subpart C—High-Quality Liquid Assets

329.20  High-quality liquid asset criteria
329.21  High-quality liquid asset amount
329.22  Requirements for eligible high quality liquid assets

Subpart D—Total Net Cash Outflow

329.30  Total net cash outflow amount
329.31  Determining maturity
329.32  Outflow amounts
329.33  Inflow amounts
329.34  Cash flows related to Covered Federal Reserve Facility Funding

Subpart E—Liquidity Coverage Shortfall

329.40  Liquidity coverage shortfall: Supervisory framework

Subpart F—Transitions

329.50  Transitions
330 Deposit Insurance Coverage
330.1   Definitions
330.2   Purpose
330.3   General principles
330.4   Continuation of separate deposit insurance after merger of insured depository institutions
330.5   Recognition of deposit ownership and fiduciary relationships
330.6   Single ownership accounts
330.7   Accounts held by an agent, nominee, guardian, custodian or conservator
330.8   Annuity contract accounts
330.9   Joint ownership accounts
330.10  Revocable trust accounts
330.11  Accounts of a corporation, partnership or unincorporated association
330.12  Accounts held by a depository institution as the trustee of an irrevocable trust
330.13  Irrevocable trust accounts
330.14  Retirement and other employee benefit plan accounts
330.15  Accounts held by government depositors
330.16  [Reserved]
330.101 Premiums
331 Federal Interest Rate Authority
331.1   Authority, purpose, and scope
331.2   Definitions
331.3   Application of host State law
331.4   Interest rate authority
332 Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
332.1  Purpose and scope
332.2  Model privacy form and examples
332.3  Definitions

Subpart A—Privacy and Opt Out Notices

332.4  Initial privacy notice to consumers required
332.5  Annual privacy notice to customers required
332.6  Information to be included in privacy notices
332.7  Form of opt out notice to consumers; opt out methods
332.8  Revised privacy notices
332.9  Delivering privacy and opt out notices

Subpart B—Limits on Disclosures

332.10 Limits on disclosure of non-public personal information to nonaffiliated third parties
332.11 Limits on redisclosure and reuse of information
332.12 Limits on sharing account number information for marketing purposes

Subpart C—Exceptions

332.13 Exception to opt out requirements for service providers and joint marketing
332.14 Exceptions to notice and opt out requirements for processing and servicing transactions
332.15 Other exceptions to notice and opt out requirements

Subpart D—Relation to Other Laws; Effective Date

332.16 Protection of Fair Credit Reporting Act
332.17 Relation to State laws
332.18 Effective date; transition rule
Appendix A to Part 332—Model Privacy Form
Appendix B to Part 332--[Reserved]
Frequently Asked Questions for the Privacy Regulation December 2001   
333 Extension of Corporate Powers


333.1   Classification of general character of business
333.2   Change in general character of business
333.3   Consent required for exercise of trust powers
333.4   Conversions from mutual to stock form


333.101 Prior consent not required
334 Fair Credit Reporting

Subpart A—General Provisions

334.1   Purpose and scope
334.2   Examples
334.3   Definitions

Subparts B—H [Reserved]

Subpart I—Records Disposal

334.80--334.82   [Reserved]
334.83   Disposal of consumer information

Subpart J—Identity Theft Red Flags

334.90  Duties regarding the detection, prevention, and mitigation of identity theft
334.91  Duties of card issuers regarding changes of address
Appendixes A--I to Part 334 [Reserved]
Appendix J to Part 334—Interagency Guidelines on Identity Theft Detection,  Prevention, and Mitigation
335 Securities of State Nonmember Banks and State Savings Associations
335.101 Scope of part, authority and OMB control number
335.111 Forms and schedules
335.121 Listing standards related to audit committees
335.201 Securities exempted from registration
335.211 Registration and reporting
335.221 Forms for registration of securities and cross reference to Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure)
335.231 Certification, suspension of trading, and removal from listing by exchanges
335.241 Unlisted trading
335.251 Forms for notification of action taken by national securities exchanges
335.261 Exemptions; terminations; and definitions
335.301 Reports of issuers of securities registered pursuant to section 12
335.311 Forms for annual, quarterly, current, and other reports of issuers
335.321 Maintenance of records and issuer's representations in connection with required reports
335.331 Acquisition statements, acquisitions of securities by issuers, and other matters
335.401 Solicitations of proxies
335.501 Tender offers
335.601 Requirements of section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
335.611 Initial statement of beneficial ownership of securities (Form F–3)
335.612 Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities (Form F–4)
335.613 Annual statement of beneficial ownership of securities (Form F–5)
335.701 Filing requirements, public reference, and confidentiality
335.801 Inapplicable SEC regulations; FDIC substituted regulations; additional information
335.901 [Reserved]
336 FDIC Employees

Subpart A—Employee Responsibilities and Conduct

336.1 Cross-reference to employee ethical conduct standards and financial disclosure regulations

Subpart B—Minimum Standards of Fitness for Employment With the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

336.2 Authority, purpose and scope
336.3 Definitions
336.4 Minimum standards for appointment to a position with the FDIC
336.5 Minimum standards for employment with the FDIC
336.6 Verification of compliance
336.7 Employee responsibility, counseling and distribution of regulation
336.8 Sanctions and remedial actions
336.9 Finality of determination

Subpart C—One-Year Restriction on Post-Employment Activities of Senior Examiners

336.10 Purpose and scope
336.11 Definitions
336.12 One-year post-employment restriction
336.13 Penalties
337 Unsafe and Unsound Banking Practices
337.1 Scope
337.2 Standby letters of credit
337.3 Limits on extensions of credit to executive officers, directors, and principal shareholders of FDIC-supervised institutions
337.4 [Reserved]
337.5 Exemption
337.6 Brokered deposits
337.7-337.9 [Reserved]
337.10 Waiver
337.11 Effect on other banking practices
337.12 Frequency of examination
338 Fair Housing

Subpart A—Advertising

338.1 Purpose
338.2 Definitions applicable to subpart A of this part
338.3 Nondiscriminatory advertising
338.4 Fair housing poster

Subpart B—Recordkeeping

338.5 Purpose
338.6 Definitions applicable to this subpart B
338.7 Recordkeeping requirements
338.8 Compilation of loan data in register format
338.9 Mortgage lending of a controlled entity
339 Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards
339.1  Authority, purpose, and scope
339.2  Definitions
339.3  Requirement to purchase flood insurance where available
339.4  Exemptions
339.5  Escrow requirement
339.6  Required use of standard flood hazard determination form
339.7  Force placement of flood insurance
339.8  Determination fees
339.9  Notice of special flood hazards and availability of Federal disaster relief assistance
339.10 Notice of servicer's identity
Appendix A to Part 339—Sample Form of Notice of Special Flood Hazards and Availability of Federal Disaster Relief Assistance
Appendix B to Part 339—Sample Clause for Option to Escrow for Outstanding Loans
340 Restrictions on Sale of Assets of a Failed Institution by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
340.1  What is the statutory authority for the regulation, what are its purpose and scope, and can the FDIC have other policies on related topics?
340.2  Definitions
340.3  What are the restrictions on the sale of assets by the FDIC if the buyer wants to finance the purchase with a loan from the FDIC?
340.4  What are the restrictions on the sale of assets by the FDIC regardless of the method of financing?
340.5  Can the FDIC deny a loan to a buyer who is not disqualified from purchasing assets using seller-financing under this regulation?
340.6  What is the effect of this part on transactions that were entered into before its effective date?
340.7  When is a certification required, and who does not have to provide a certification?
340.8  Does this part apply in the case of a workout, resolution, or settlement of obligations?
341 Registration of Securities Transfer Agents
341.1  Scope
341.2  Definitions
341.3  Registration as securities transfer agent
341.4  Amendments to registration
341.5  Withdrawal from registration
341.6  Reports
342 [Reserved]
343 Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance
343.10 Purpose and scope
343.20 Definitions
343.30 Prohibited practices
343.40 What you must disclose
343.50 Where insurance activities may take place
343.60 Qualification and licensing requirements for insurance sales personnel
Appendix A to Part 343—Consumer Grievance Process
344 Recordkeeping and Confirmation Requirements for Securities Transactions
344.1  Purpose and scope
344.2  Exceptions
344.3  Definitions
344.4  Recordkeeping
344.5  Content and time of notification
344.6  Notification by agreement; alternative forms and times of notification
344.7  Settlement of securities transactions
344.8  Securities trading policies and procedures
344.9  Personal securities trading reporting by bank officers and employees of FDIC-supervised institutions
344.10 Waivers
345 Community Reinvestment

Subpart A—General

345.11 Authority, purposes, and scope
345.12 Definitions

Subpart B—Standards for Assessing Performance

345.21 Performance tests, standards, and ratings, in general
345.22 Lending test
345.23 Investment test
345.24 Service test
345.25 Community development test for wholesale or limited purpose banks
345.26 Small bank performance standards
345.27 Strategic plan
345.28 Assigned ratings
345.29 Effect of CRA performance on applications

Subpart C—Records, Reporting, and Disclosure Requirements

345.41 Assessment area delineation
345.42 Data collection, reporting, and disclosure
345.43 Content and availability of public file
345.44 Public notice by banks
345.45 Publication of planned examination schedule
Appendix A to Part 345—Ratings
Appendix B to Part 345—CRA Notice
Interagency questions and answers regarding Community Reinvestment
346—Disclosure and Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements
346.1   Purpose and scope of this part
346.2   Definition of covered agreement
346.3   CRA communications
346.4   Fulfillment of the CRA
346.5   Related agreements considered a single agreement
346.6   Disclosure of covered agreements
346.7   Annual reports
346.8   Release of information under FOIA
346.9   Compliance provisions
346.10  Transition provisions
346.11  Other definitions and rules of construction used in this part
347 International Banking.

Subpart A—Foreign Branching and Investment by Insured State Nonmember Banks

347.101 Authority, purpose, and scope
347.102 Definitions
347.103 Effect of state law on actions taken under this subpart
347.104 Insured state nonmember bank investments in foreign organizations
347.105 Permissible financial activities outside the United States
347.106 Going concerns
347.107 Joint ventures
347.108 Portfolio investments
347.109 Limitations on indirect investments in nonfinancial foreign organizations
347.110 Affiliate holdings
347.111 Underwriting and dealing limits applicable to foreign organizations held by insured state nonmember banks
347.112 Restrictions applicable to foreign organizations that act as futures commission merchants
347.113 Restrictions applicable to activities by a foreign organization in the United States
347.114 Extensions of credit to foreign organizations held by insured state nonmember banks; shares of foreign organizations held in connection with debts previously contracted
347.115 Permissible activities for a foreign branch of an insured state nonmember bank
347.116 Recordkeeping and supervision of foreign activities of insured state nonmember banks
347.117 General consent
347.118 Expedited processing
347.119 Specific consent
347.120 Computation of investment amounts
347.121 Requirements for insured state nonmember bank to close a foreign branch
347.122 Limitations applicable to the authority provided in this subpart

Subpart B—Foreign Banks

347.201 Authority, purpose, and scope
347.202 Definitions
347.203 Deposit insurance required for all branches of foreign banks engaged in domestic retail deposit activity in the same State
347.204 Commitment to be examined and provide information
347.205 Record maintenance
347.206 Domestic retail deposit activity requiring deposit insurance by U.S. branch of a foreign bank
347.207 Disclosure of supervisory information to foreign supervisors
347.208 Assessment base deductions by insured branch
347.209 Pledge of assets
347.210 Asset maintenance
347.211 Examination of branches of foreign banks
347.212 FDIC approval to conduct activities that are not permissible for federal branches
347.213 Establishment or operation of noninsured foreign branch
347.214 Branch established under section 5 of the International Banking Act
347.215 Exemptions from deposit insurance requirement
347.216 Depositor notification

Subpart C—International Lending

347.301 Purpose, authority, and scope
347.302 Definitions
347.303 Allocated transfer risk reserve
347.304 Accounting for fees on international loans
347.305 Reporting and disclosure of international assets
348 Management Official Interlocks
348.1   Purpose and scope
348.2   Other definitions and rules of construction
348.3   Prohibitions
348.4   Interlocking relationships permitted by statute
348.5   Small market share exemption
348.6   General exemption
348.7   Change in circumstances
348.8   Enforcement

Subpart A—Margin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap Entities

349 Derivatives
349.1   Authority, purpose, scope, exemptions and compliance dates
349.2   Definitions
349.3   Initial margin
349.4   Variation margin
349.5   Netting arrangements, minimum transfer amount and satisfaction of collecting and posting requirements
349.6   Eligible collateral
349.7   Segregation of collateral
349.8   Initial margin models and standardized amounts
349.9   Cross-border application of margin requirements
349.10   Documentation of margin matters
349.11   Special rules for affiliates
349.12   Capital
Appendix A to Subpart A of Part 349—Standardized Minimum Initial Margin  Requirements for Non-cleared Swaps and Non-cleared Security-based  Swaps
Appendix B to Subpart A of Part 349—Margin Values for Eligible Noncash  Margin Collateral

Subpart B—Retail Foreign Exchange Transactions

349.13   Authority, purpose, and scope
349.14   Definitions
349.15   Prohibited transactions
349.16   Filing procedures
349.17   Application and closing out of offsetting long and short positions
349.18   Disclosure
349.19   Recordkeeping
349.20   Capital requirements
349.21   Margin requirements
349.22   Required reporting to customers
349.23   Unlawful representations
349.24   Authorization to trade
349.25   Trading and operational standards
349.26   Supervision
349.27   Notice of transfers
349.28   Customer dispute resolution
350 [Reserved]
351 Proprietary Trading and Certain Interests in and Relationships with Covered Funds

Subpart A—Authority and Definitions

351.1 Authority, purpose, scope, and relationship to other authorities
351.2 Definitions

Subpart B—Proprietary Trading

351.3 Prohibition on proprietary trading
351.4 Permitted underwriting and market making-related activities
351.5 Permitted risk-mitigating hedging activities
351.6 Other permitted proprietary trading activities
351.7 Limitations on permitted proprietary trading activities
351.8–351.9 [Reserved]

Subpart C—Covered Funds Activities and Investments

351.10 Prohibition on acquiring or retaining an ownership interest in and having certain relationships with a covered fund
351.11 Permitted organizing and offering, underwriting, and market making with respect to a covered fund
351.12 Permitted investment in a covered fund
351.13 Other permitted covered fund activities and investments
351.14 Limitations on relationships with a covered fund
351.15 Other limitations on permitted covered fund activities
351.16 Ownership of Interests in and Sponsorship of Issuers of Certain Collateralized Debt Obligations Backed by Trust-Preferred Securities
351.17–351.19 [Reserved]

Subpart D—Compliance Program Requirement; Violations

351.20 Program for compliance; reporting
351.21 Termination of activities or investments; penalties for violations
Appendix A to Part 351—Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for Covered Trading Activities
352 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability
352.1   Purpose
352.2   Application
352.3   Definitions
352.4   Nondiscrimination in any program or activity conducted by the FDIC
352.5   Accessibility to electronic and information technology
352.6   Employment
352.7   Accessibility of programs and activities: Exisiting facilities
352.8   Program accessibility: New construction and alterations
352.9   Communications
352.10  Compliance procedures
352.11  Notice
353 Suspicious Activity Reports
353.1   Purpose and scope
353.2   Definitions
353.3   Reports and records
354 Industrial Banks
354.1   Scope
354.2   Definitions
354.3   Written agreement
354.4   Required commitments and provisions of written agreement
354.5   Restrictions on industrial bank subsidiaries of Covered Companies
354.6   Reservation of authority
357 Determination of Economically Depressed Regions
357.1   Economically depressed regions
359 Golden Parachute and Indemnification Payments
359.0   Scope
359.1   Definitions
359.2   Golden parachute payments prohibited
359.3   Prohibited indemnification payments
359.4   Permissible golden parachute payments
359.5   Permissible indemnification payments
359.6   Filing instructions
359.7   Applicability in the event of receivership
360 Resolution and Receivership Rules
360.1   Least-cost resolution
360.2   Federal Home Loan banks as secured creditors
360.3   Priorities
360.4   Administrative expenses
360.5   Definition of qualified financial contracts
360.6   Treatment of financial assets transferred in connection with a securitization or participation
360.7   Post-insolvency interest
360.8   Method for determining deposit and other liability account balances at a failed insured depository institution
360.9   Large-bank deposit insurance determination modernization
360.10  Resolution plans required for insured depository institutions with $50 billion or more in total assets 
360.11  Records of failed insured depository institutions
Appendix A to Part 360—Non-Monetary Transaction File Structure
Appendix B to Part 360—Debit/Credit File Structure
Appendix C to Part 360—Deposit File Structure
Appendix D to Part 360—Sweep/Automated Credit Account File  Structure
Appendix E to Part 360—Hold File Structure
Appendix F to Part 360—Customer File Structure
Appendix G to Part 360—Deposit-Customer Join File Structure
Appendix H to Part 360—Possible File Combinations for Deposit Data
361 Minority and Women Outreach Program—Contracting
361.1   Why do minority- and women-owned businesses need this outreach regulation?
361.2   Why does the FDIC have this outreach program?
361.3   Who may participate in this outreach program?
361.4   What contracts are eligible for this outreach program?
361.5   What are the FDIC's oversight and monitoring responsibilities in administering this program?
361.6   What outreach efforts are included in this program?
362 Activities of Insured State Banks and Insured Savings Associations

Subpart A—Activities of Insured State Banks

362.1   Purpose and scope
362.2   Definitions
362.3   Activities of insured State banks
362.4   Subsidiaries of insured State banks
362.5   Approvals previously granted

Subpart B—Safety and Soundness Rules Governing Insured State Nonmember Banks

362.6   Purpose and scope
362.7   Definitions
362.8   Restrictions on activities of insured state nonmember banks affiliated with certain securities companies

Subpart C—Activities of Insured State Savings Associations

362.9    Purpose and scope
362.10   Definitions
362.11   Activities of insured savings associations
362.12   Service corporations of insured state Savings associations
362.13   Approvals previously granted

Subpart D—Acquiring, Establishing, or Conducting New Activities Through a Subsidiary by an Insured Savings Association

362.14   Purpose and scope
362.15   Acquiring or establishing a subsidiary; conducting new activities through a subsidiary

Subpart E—Financial Subsidiaries of Insured State Nonmember Banks

362.16   Purpose and scope
362.17   Definitions
362.18   Financial subsidiaries of insured state nonmember banks
363 Annual Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements
363.0   OMB control number
363.1   Scope and definitions
363.2   Annual reporting requirements
363.3   Independent public accountant
363.4   Filing and notice requirements
363.5   Audit committees
Appendix A to Part 363—Guidelines and Interpretations
Appendix B to Part 363—Illustrative Management Reports
364 Standards for Safety and Soundness
364.100 Purpose
364.101 Standards for safety and soundness
Appendix A to Part 364—Interagency Guidelines Establishing Standards for Safety and Soundness
Appendix B to Part 364—Interagency Guidelines Establishing Information Security Standards
365 Real Estate Lending Standards

Subpart A—Real Estate Lending Standards

365.1   Purpose and scope
365.2   Real estate lending standards
Appendix A to Subpart A of Part 365—Interagency Guidelines for Real Estate Lending Policies
366 Minimum Standards of Integrity and Fitness for an FDIC Contractor
366.0   Definitions
366.1   What is the purpose of this part?
366.2   What is the scope of this part?
366.3   Who cannot perform contractual services for the FDIC?
366.4   When is there a pattern or practice of defalcation?
366.5   What causes a substantial loss to a federal deposit insurance fund?
366.6   How is my ownership or control determined?
366.7   Will the FDIC waive the prohibitions under §366.3?
366.8   Who can grant a waiver of a prohibition or conflict of interest?
366.9   What other requirements could prevent me from performing contractual services for the FDIC?
366.10  When would I have a conflict of interest?
366.11  Will the FDIC waive a conflict of interest?
366.12  What are the FDIC's minimum standards of ethical responsibility?
366.13  What is my obligation regarding confidential information?
366.14  What information must I provide the FDIC?
366.15  What advice or determinations will the FDIC provide me on the applicability of this part?
366.16  When may I seek a reconsideration or review of an FDIC determination?
366.17  What are the possible consequences for violating this part?
367 Suspension and Exclusion of Contractor and Termination of Contracts
367.1   Authority, purpose, scope and application
367.2   Definitions
367.3   Appropriate officials
367.4   [Reserved]
367.5   Exclusions
367.6   Causes for exclusion
367.7   Suspensions
367.8   Causes for suspension
367.9   Imputation of causes
367.10—367.11 [Reserved]
367.12  Procedures
367.13  Notices
367.14  Responses
367.15  Additional proceedings as to disputed material facts
367.16  Ethics Counselor decisions
367.17  Duration of suspensions and exclusions
367.18  Abrogation of contracts
367.19  Exceptions to suspensions and exclusions
367.20  Review and reconsideration of Ethics Counselor decisions
368 Government Securities Sales Practices
368.1   Scope
368.2   Definitions
368.3   Business conduct
368.4   Recommendations to customers
368.5   Customer information
368.100 Obligations concerning institutional customers
369 Prohibition Against Use of Interstate Branches Primarily for Deposit Production
369.1  Purpose and scope
369.2  Definitions
369.3  Loan-to-deposit ratio screen
369.4  Credit needs determination
369.5  Sanctions
370 Recordkeeping for Timely Deposit Insurance Determination
370.1  Purpose and scope
370.2  Definitions
370.3  Information technology system requirements
370.4  Recordkeeping requirements
370.5  Actions required for certain deposit accounts with transactional features
370.6  Implementation
370.7  Accelerated implementation
370.8  Relief
370.9  Communication with the FDIC
370.10  Compliance
Appendix A to Part 370—Ownership Right and Capacity Codes
Appendix B to Part 370—Output Files Structure
Appendix C to Part 370—Credit Balance Processing File Structure
371 Recordkeeping Requirements for Qualified Financial Contracts
371.1  Scope, purpose, and compliance dates
371.2  Definitions
371.3  Maintenance of records
371.4  Content of records
371.5  Exemptions
371.6  Transition for exisiting records entities
371.7  Enforcement actions
Appendix A to Part 371—File Structure for Qualified Financial Contract (QFC) Records for Limited Scope Entities
Appendix B to Part 371—File Structure for Qualified Financial Contract Records for Full Scope Entities

Subpart A—Authority, Purpose, Scope and Definitions

373 Credit Risk Retention
373.1 Purpose and scope
373.2 Definitions

Subpart B—Credit Risk Retention

373.3 Base risk retention requirement
373.4 Standard risk retention
373.5 Revolving pool securitizations
373.6 Eligible ABCP conduits
373.7 Commercial mortgage-backed securities
373.8 Federal National Mortgage Association and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation ABS
373.9 Open market CLOs
373.10 Qualified tender option bonds

Subpart C—Transfer of Risk Retention

373.11 Allocation of risk retention to an originator
373.12 Hedging, transfer and financing prohibitions

Subpart D—Exceptions and Exemptions

373.13 Exemption for qualified residential mortgages
373.14 Definitions applicable to qualifying commercial loans, qualifying commercial real estate loans, and qualifying automobile loans
373.15 Qualifying commercial loans, commercial real estate loans, and automobile loans
373.16 Underwriting standards for qualifying commercial loans
373.17 Underwriting standards for qualifying CRE loans
373.18 Underwriting standards for qualifying automobile loans
373.19 General exemptions
373.20 Safe harbor for certain foreign-related transactions
373.21 Additional exemptions
373.22 Periodic review of the QRM definition, exempted three-to-four unit residential mortgage loans, and community-focused residential mortgage exemption

Subpart A—General and Miscellaneous Provisions

380  Orderly Liquidation Authority
380.1  Definitions
380.2  [Reserved]
380.3  Treatment of personal service agreements
380.4  [Reserved]
380.5  Treatment of covered financial companies that are subsidiaries of insurance companies
380.6  Limitation on liens on assets of covered financial companies that are insurance companies or covered subsidiaries of insurance companies
380.7  Recoupment of compensation from senior executives and directors
380.8  Predominantly engaged in activities that are financial or incidental thereto
380.9  Treatment of fraudulent and preferential transfers
380.10  Maximum obligation limitation
380.11  Treatment of mutual insurance holding companies
380.12  Enforcement of subsidiary and affiliate contracts by the FDIC as receiver of a covered financial company
380.13  Restrictions on sale of assets of a covered financial company by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
380.14  Record retention requirements
380.15–380.19 [Reserved]

Subpart B—Priorities

380.20 [Reserved]
380.21 Priorities
380.22 Administrative expenses of the receiver
380.23 Amounts owed to the United States
380.24 Priority of claims arising out of loss of setoff rights
380.25 Post-insolvency interest
380.26 Effect of transfer of assets and obligations to a bridge financial company
380.27 Treatment of similarly situated claimants
380.28–380.29 [Reserved]

Subpart C—Receivership Administrative Claims Process

380.30 Receivership administrative claims process
380.31 Scope
380.32 Claims bar date 
380.33 Notice requirements
380.34 Procedures for filing claim
380.35 Determination of claims
380.36 Decision period
380.37 Notification of determination
380.38 Procedures for seeking judicial determination of disallowed claim
380.39 Contingent claims
380.40–380.49 [Reserved]
380.50 Determination of secured claims
380.51 Consent to certain actions
380.52 Adequate protection
380.53 Repudiation of secured contract

Subpart D—Orderly Liquidation of Covered Brokers or Dealers

380.60 Definitions
380.61 Appointment of receiver and trustee for covered broker or dealer
380.62 Notice and application for protective decree for covered broker or dealer
380.63 Bridge broker or dealer
380.64 Claims of customers and other creditors of a covered broker or dealer
380.65 Priorities for unsecured claims against a covered broker or dealer
380.66 Administrative expenses of SIPC
380.67 Qualified Financial Contracts
381 Resolution Plans
381.1  Authority and scope
381.2  Definitions
381.3  Critical Operations
381.4  Resolution plan required
381.5  Informational content of a full resolution plan
381.6  Informational content of a targeted resolution plan
381.7  Informational content of a reduced resolution plan
381.8  Review of resolution plans; resubmission of deficient resolution plans
381.9  Failure to cure deficiencies on resubmission of a resolution plan
381.10  Consultation
381.11  No limiting effect or private right of action; confidentiality of resolution plans
381.12  Enforcement
382 Restrictions on Qualified Financial Contracts
382.1 Definitions
382.2 Applicability
382.3 U.S. Special resolution regimes
382.4 Insolvency proceedings
382.5 Approval of enhanced creditor protection conditions
382.6 [Reserved]
382.7 Exclusion of certain QFCs

Subpart A—P [Reserved]

Subpart Q—Definitions for Regulations Affecting All State Savings Associations

390.280 When do the definitions in this subpart apply? 
390.281 Account 
390.282 Accountholder 
390.283 Affiliate 
390.284 Affiliated person 
390.285 Audit period 
390.286 Certificate account 
390.287 Consumer credit 
390.288 Controlling person 
390.289 Corporation 
390.290 Demand accounts 
390.291 Director 
390.292 Financial institution 
390.293 Immediate family 
390.294 Land loan 
390.295 Low-rent housing 
390.296 Money Market Deposit Accounts 
390.297 Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Accounts 
390.298 Nonresidential construction loan 
390.299 Nonwithdrawable account 
390.300 Note account 
390.301 [Reserved]
390.302 Officer 
390.303 Parent company; subsidiary 
390.304 Political subdivision 
390.305 Principal office 
390.306 Public unit 
390.307 Savings account 
390.308 State savings association 
390.309 Security 
390.310 Service corporation 
390.311 State 
390.312 Subordinated debt security 
390.313 Tax and loan account 
390.314 United States Treasury General Account 
390.315 United States Treasury Time Deposit Open Account 
390.316 With recourse 

Subparts R—V [Reserved]

Subpart W—Securities Offerings

390.410 Definitions 
390.411 Offering circular requirement 
390.412 Exemptions 
390.413 Non-public offering 
390.414 Filing and signature requirements 
390.415 Effective date 
390.416 Form, content, and accounting 
390.417 Use of the offering circular 
390.418 Escrow requirement 
390.419 Unsafe or unsound practices 
390.420 Withdrawal or abandonment 
390.421 Securities sale report 
390.422 Public disclosure and confidential treatment 
390.423 Waiver 
390.424 Requests for interpretive advice or waiver 
390.425 Delayed or continuous offering and sale of securities 
390.426 Sales of securities at an office of a State savings association 
390.427 Current and periodic reports 
390.428 Approval of the security 
390.429 Form for securities sale report 
390.430 Filing of copies of offering circulars in certain exempt offerings 

Subpart X—Z [Reserved]

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