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FDIC Federal Register Citations

[Federal Register: March 24, 1997 (Volume 62, Number 56)]
[Page 13886]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access []
Coastal Barrier Improvement Act; Property Availability; Washoe 
Development, Washoe County, NV
AGENCY: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
ACTION: Notice.
SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that the property known as Washoe 
Development, Washoe County, Nevada, is affected by Section 10 of the 
Coastal Barrier Improvement Act of 1990 as specified below.
DATES: Written notice of serious interest to purchase or effect other 
transfer of all or any portion of this property may be mailed or faxed 
to the FDIC until June 23, 1997.
ADDRESSES: Copies of detailed descriptions of this property, including 
maps, may be obtained from or are available for inspection by 
contacting the following person: Mr. J. Russell Hibbs, Federal Deposit 
Insurance Corporation, Western Service Center, 4 Park Plaza; Mail Stop 
J-620D-60, Irvine, CA 92714, (714) 263-7753; Fax (714) 263-7699.
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Washoe Development property consists of 
approximately 481 acres in two parcels (Parcel A and Parcel B) of 
undeveloped land located on U.S. Highway 395 and William Brent Road in 
Washoe County, Nevada. U.S. Highway 395 borders the east side of both 
Parcel A and Parcel B. Parcel A extends west from U.S. Highway 395 to 
State Route 429 (Old Highway 395) and lies 700 to 2,700 feet north of 
William Brent Road. Parcel B extends 2,300 feet west from U.S. Highway 
395 along William Brent Road and 2,900 feet south of William Brent 
Road. Parcel A consists of approximately 235.4 acres in Section 10 and 
11, Township 16 North, Range 19 East. Parcel B consists of 
approximately 245.4 acres in Section 10, 11, 14, and 15, Township 16 
North, Range 19 East. The Washoe Development property contains wetlands 
and lies in a valley between two mountain ranges. This property is 
adjacent to or contiguous with lands managed by the Nevada Division of 
Wildlife, Nevada State Lands, and the Washoe County Treasurer for 
recreational, open space, and/or natural resource conservation 
purposes. This property is covered property within the meaning of 
Section 10 of the Coastal Barrier Improvement Act of 1990, Public Law 
101-591 (12 U.S.C. 1441a-3).
    Written notice of serious interest in the purchase or other 
transfer of all or any portion of this property must be received on or 
before June 23, 1997 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at 
the appropriate address stated above.
ELIGIBLE ENTITIES: Those entities eligible to submit written notices of 
serious interest are:
1. Agencies or entities of the Federal government;
2. Agencies or entities of State or local government; and,
3. ``Qualified organizations'' pursuant to section 170(h)(3) of the 
Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 170(h)(3)).
FORM OF NOTICE: Written notices of serious interest must be submitted 
in the following form:
RE: Washoe Development
Federal Register Publication Date: March 24, 1997
    1. Entity name.
    2. Declaration of eligibility to submit Notice under criteria set 
forth in the Coastal Barrier Improvement Act of 1990, P.L. 101-591, 
section 10(b)(2), (12 U.S.C. 1441a-3(b)(2)), including, for qualified 
organizations, a determination letter from the United States Internal 
Revenue Service regarding the organization's status under section 
170(h)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 170(h)(3)).
    3. Brief description of proposed terms of purchase or other offer 
for all or any portion of the property (e.g., price, method of 
financing, expected closing date, etc.).
    4. Declaration of entity that it intends to use the property for 
wildlife refuge, sanctuary, open space, recreational, historical, 
cultural, or natural resource conservation purposes (12 U.S.C. 1441a-
3(b)(4)), as provided in a clear written description of the purpose(s) 
to which the property will be put and the location and acreage of the 
area covered by each purpose(s) including a declaration of entity that 
it will accept the placement, by the FDIC, of an easement or deed 
restriction on the property consistent with its intended conservation 
use(s) as stated in its notice of serious interest.
    5. Authorized Representative (Name/Address/Telephone/Fax).
List of Subjects
    Environmental protection.
    Dated: March 18, 1997.
Robert E. Feldman,
Deputy Executive Secretary.
[FR Doc. 97-7290 Filed 3-21-97; 8:45 am]

Last Updated 03/24/1997

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