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FDIC Federal Register Citations

Nevada State Historic Preservation Office

December 14, 2005

Robert Feldman
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Attn: Comments/Legal ESS
550 17th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20429


SUBJECT: Proposed Statement of Policy Regarding the National Historic Preservation Act dated October 18, 2005 Federal Register Vol. 70, No. 200

Dear Mr. Feldman:

The Nevada SHPO has the following comments regarding the new proposed Statement of Policy:

B. Covered Applications:

First Paragraph: Please note that the SHPO does not give “clearance” but we do provide information regarding the location of historic properties within an area of potential effect. At the same time, we might also recommend other parties and tribes to consult and make recommendations for additional efforts to identify historic properties.

Second Paragraph: The SHPO does not “give consent” but makes comments. Regarding existing shopping centers, what if the covered application regards an historic building? “Shopping centers” should be better defined. Placing “or properties that have been newly constructed” at the end of the clause suggests that existing shopping centers could be of any age.

C. FDIC Determinations and Resolution of Potential Adverse Effects

This process seems to omit other interested parties and tribes as consulting parties.

If you have any questions please call me at 775-684-3444 or e-mail me at


State Historic Preservation Officer

Last Updated 12/15/2005

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