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Regulations and Examinations

Continuing IT Training Program - Program Updates (effective January 2019)

Last Updated: February 23, 2023


Introduction to Telecommunications and Networking moved from Intermediate to Basic and will now cover Security of Wireless LANs concepts. 

  • Security of Wireless LANs will no longer be offered as an individual course.


All the Basic level courses must be completed before attending Intermediate level courses.

  • Mobile Financial Services Security and Auditing Application Systems Development are standalone courses
  • Risk Management of Payment Systems is a standalone course; however, participants should have taken either the former ACH and Payment Systems Risk or the 2015 revised ITEC course that includes Payment Systems Risk.
  • Deploying Internet and Intranet Firewalls is recommended prior to taking Virtual Private Networks and Remote Access Systems, Storage Area Networks, and Virtualization (formerly part of Cloud Computing and Virtualization).
    • Cloud Computing and Virtualization was previously an Advanced level course that is being moved to the Intermediate level and separated into two individual courses
      • Virtualization
      • Cloud Computing I
    • Going forward, Virtualization should be taken prior to Cloud Computing I


All Basic and, at least most, Intermediate-level courses should be completed before attending an Advanced level course.  These courses are more technical in nature and are not intended to address examination procedures.

  • Mainframe Security for Examiners and Incident Response (formerly Introduction to Incident Response) are courses that should be taken upon completion of the Intermediate level courses and prior to the Advanced level; they hover between the two levels in terms of necessary skillset.
  • Network Architecture and Security should be taken prior to Advanced Network Vulnerabilities Assessment (ANVA), and ANVA should be taken prior to Cyber Forensics
  • Cloud Computing I and Virtualization (or the former version) must be taken prior Cloud Computing II (new course expected for 2019/2020).