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Inactive Financial Institution Letters


The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

BELARUSIAN OIL TRADE HOUSE (a.k.a. BELARUSIAN OIL TRADING HOUSE; a.k.a. BELARUSIAN OIL TRADING HOUSE REPUBLICAN SUBSIDIARY UNITARY ENTERPRISE; a.k.a. BELARUSIAN OIL TRADING HOUSE REPUBLICAN UNITARY SUBSIDIARY; a.k.a. B.O.T.H.; a.k.a. UE BELARUSIAN OIL TRADE HOUSE), Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 73, Minsk 220116, Belarus; Prospect Dzerzhinskogo, 73, Minsk 220116, Belarus; 73 Derzhinskiy Ave., Minsk 220116, Belarus; Business Registration Document # UNP 101119568 (Belarus) [BELARUS]

LAKOKRASKA OAO (a.k.a. LAKOKRASKA OPEN JOINT-STOCK COMPANY), 71 Ignatova Street, Grodnenskaya Region, Lida 231300, Belarus; ul. Ignatova, 71, Grodnenskaya oblast, Lida 231300, Belarus [BELARUS]

POLOTSK STEKLOVOLOKNO OAO (a.k.a. POLOTSK PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION STEKLOVOLOKNO; a.k.a. POLOTSKOE STEKLOVOLOKNO OAO; a.k.a. POLOTSK- STEKLOVOLOKNO; a.k.a. POLOTSK-STEKLOVOLOKNO JSC; a.k.a. POLOTSK- STEKLOVOLOKNO JSC SD STEKLOKOMPOZIT; a.k.a. POLOTSK-STEKLOVOLOKNO OPEN JOINT-STOCK COMPANY; a.k.a. POLOTZK STEKLOVOLOKNO OAO; a.k.a. STEKLOVOLOKNO), ul. Stroitelnaya, Polotsk, 211412, Belarus; Industrial Zone Ksty, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk 21140, Belarus; Ksty Industrial Zone, 211400 Vitebskaya oblast, Polotsk, Belarus; Promuzel Ksty, Polotsk 211400, Belarus [BELARUS]

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