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Strategic Management
1. Describe how management integrates technology strategic planning into the overall Corporate Business Plan.
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Technology Changes

2. Describe new technology implemented since the last exam or in the past two years, whichever is the shortest time period. Describe planned or anticipated technology changes in the next year.
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Risk Assessments

3. Explain managements process for identifying, risk ranking, and mitigating IT risks within the organization.
  • Who is responsible for this process?
  • What is the mechanism for reporting these risks to the Board?
  • What is managements process for determining the confidentiality of electronic and paper-based information?
  • How is the information protected?
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Board Reporting

4. Detail what reports and other communications are provided to the Board for its evaluation of IT risks within the organization.
  • What is the frequency of this communication?
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Network Diagram
5. Provide the banks network topology/schematic diagram.
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Vendor Management
6. Describe managements vendor management process and ongoing due diligence program.
  • Provide a list of the banks key IT vendors and consultants.
  • Are all of these vendors covered by a current contract?
  • How has management evaluated the vendors procedures for conducting employee background checks?
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Information Security

Information Security Program

7. Has the Board or its designated committee approved a written Information Security Program?

Do the polices addressing the Information Security Program cover the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities (central security coordination, segregation of duties, incident response, skill continuity)?
  • Personnel security (background checks, acceptable use training email/Internet)?
  • Audit (scope, internal/external auditor qualifications, system log reviews, audit trails)?
  • Vendor management?
  • Access controls (mainframe/network logical controls, password parameters, authentication, etc.)?
  • Configuration management (security patches, software upgrades, parameter changes)?
  • Contingency planning (business continuity, backups, disaster recovery)?
  • Virus protection?
  • Telecommunications (firewalls, modems, intrusion detection, encryption)?
  • Restricted access (terminal/data center access)?
  • Safety (fire prevention/detection, housekeeping)?
  • Inventory management (theft detection, media disposal, hardware, software, source documents, output)?

Who is responsible for maintaining the Information Security Program?

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Roles and Responsibilities
8. Who are the information security officer and the system administrator? Provide detail on their experience, training and certifications, and other duties within the organization.
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Access Controls
9. Describe the process for determining and reviewing user access levels?
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10. Provide details on the following password control features utilized by the banks applications and operating systems:
  • Password length.
  • Change interval.
  • Password composition rule.
  • Password history.
  • Lockout rule.
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Disaster Recovery
11. Describe the banks disaster recovery testing process. Include the scope, results, and date of the banks most recent disaster recovery test.
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 12. Describe the banks backup procedures.
  • What is backed up?
  • What is the rotation schedule?
  • Where are backup media stored?
  • How soon after backup media are created are the media taken off-site?

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Physical Security
13. How are critical technology resources physically secured (mainframe, servers, telecommunications equipment, wiring closet)?
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Audit Scope
14. How does management establish the scope and frequency of IT audits?
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Audit Methods

15. What validation methods (internal and/or external audits, security assessment, penetration study) does management use to determine compliance with written and approved corporate policies?
  • Provide date, scope and frequency of the validation methods described above.
  • Provide detail on managements process for addressing audit findings/corrective actions.
  • Is this process documented?
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Audit Trails
16. Which of the following activity logs/exception reports are reviewed and who performs the review?
  • New loans.
  • File maintenance.
  • Dormant.
  • Parameter changes.
  • Kiting.
  • Employee accounts.
  • Audit logs.
  • Backup logs.
  • System reports.
  • Firewall logs.
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) logs.
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