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March 30, 2018

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TO: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (also of interest to Chief Financial Officer)
SUBJECT: Revisions to the Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income (Call Report) for June 2018; Webinar on Call Report Revisions Scheduled for April 5, 2018

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has approved the implementation of additional burden-reducing revisions to all three versions of the Call Report. These Call Report changes were proposed by the three federal banking agencies, under the auspices of the FFIEC, in November 2017 (see FIL-57-2017, dated November 8, 2017) as part of ongoing efforts to ease reporting requirements and lessen reporting burden on small and large institutions. The proposal resulted from the third and final phase of the agencies’ review of the data collected in all Call Report schedules, the re-evaluation of certain previously reviewed schedules, and consideration of industry comments and feedback received over the course of this FFIEC initiative. After considering the comments received on the November 2017 proposal, the banking agencies are proceeding with the revisions to the FFIEC 051, FFIEC 041, and FFIEC 031 Call Reports as proposed. These revised reporting requirements, which include the removal or consolidation of existing data items and certain new or increased reporting thresholds, will take effect June 30, 2018, subject to approval by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

The burden-reducing changes from the agencies’ November 2017 proposal supplement previously announced Call Report revisions originally proposed in June 2017 that also will take effect June 30, 2018 (see FIL-2-2018, dated January 3, 2018). The Call Report revisions from the June and November 2017 proposals, together with the implementation of the new FFIEC 051 report and other burden-reducing changes to the FFIEC 031 and FFIEC 041 reports in March 2017, collectively affect approximately 51 percent of the data items for smaller, less complex institutions and 28 percent of the data items for all other institutions that were contained in the Call Reports for December 31, 2016.

Institutions are reminded that the banking agencies also are implementing revisions to several Call Report schedules in response to changes in the accounting for equity securities and other equity investments in the report forms for March 31, 2018, which is the first report date when certain institutions must adopt these accounting changes for financial reporting purposes. Additionally, in a final rule issued on November 21, 2017, the banking agencies amended their regulatory capital rules to extend the transition provisions applicable during 2017 for certain regulatory capital deductions, risk weights, and minority interest limitations for non-advanced approaches banking organizations. The instructions for Call Report Schedule RC-R, Regulatory Capital, will be revised effective March 31, 2018, to incorporate these extended transition provisions.

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., Eastern Time, the banking agencies, under the auspices of the FFIEC, will conduct a webinar for bankers to discuss the Call Report changes described above. The webinar also will cover the revisions to the reporting of equity securities and other equity investments, the instructional changes resulting from the regulatory capital transitions rule, and the burden-reducing Call Report revisions taking effect June 30, 2018. In addition, the webinar will address the reporting implications of the new tax law enacted in December 2017. A question-and-answer period will follow the webinar presentations. Institutions are encouraged to submit questions before the webinar by emailing Participants also will be able to submit questions electronically throughout the webinar via the entry link below. A recording of the webinar will be archived for viewing after the event.

All institutions are invited to participate in the webinar. Advance registration is not required. The webinar presentation will be available for printing and downloading two hours before the start of the webinar from the FFIEC’s Call Report webpages, which can be accessed at

Participants may join the webinar 10 minutes before the starting time. Please follow steps 1 and 2 to access the webinar:

Step 1: Dial into the webinar.
Dial-in Number: (877) 369-5243 or (617) 668-3633
Access Code: 0999814##

If the automated recording indicates the webinar is full, please use this overflow information:
Dial-in Number: (877) 369-5243 or (617) 668-3633
Access Code: 0998708##

Step 2: Join the webinar on your computer.
Entry Link:
When accessing this entry link above, a participant will be provided the choice of installing the WebEx plug-in for the participant’s preferred browser or joining the webinar using a temporary path. Using either option is acceptable. Technical assistance will be available at (888) 796-6118 or (847) 562-7015.

To assist you in understanding the upcoming changes affecting the three versions of the Call Report, redlined copies of the FFIEC 051, FFIEC 041, and FFIEC 031 report forms showing the burden-reducing changes taking effect June 30, 2018 (and the equity securities revisions taking effect March 31, 2018) are available on the FFIEC’s website ( on the webpage for each report form. Lists detailing the schedules and data items affected by the burden-reducing revisions to each of the three versions of the Call Report also are posted on these webpages on the FFIEC’s website. In addition, these webpages include draft revisions to the instruction book for the FFIEC 051 Call Report and the separate instruction book for the FFIEC 041 and FFIEC 031 Call Reports.

Please share this letter with the person responsible for preparing Call Reports at your institution. For further information about these reporting revisions, institutions should contact their assigned Call Report analyst. If you do not know the analyst assigned to your institution, state member banks should contact their Federal Reserve District Bank; national banks, savings associations, and FDIC-supervised banks should contact the FDIC’s Data Collection and Analysis Section in Washington, D.C., by telephone at (800) 688‑FDIC (3342) or email at

Judith E. Dupré
Executive Secretary

Distribution: FDIC-Supervised Banks and Savings Institutions, National Institutions, State Member Institutions, and Savings Associations