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An internal system error resulted in the modification of a series of unique identifier numbers (UIDs) that were associated with recently released SDN names.

The following UID's were impacted by this error:

UID on 9/30/2008UID on 10/02/2008Associated Name
1121211247LOPEZ PALACIOS, Liliana
1121411249CADENA COLLAZOS, Francisco Antonio
1121511250DAVALOS TORRES, Jorge
1121611251SALINAS PEREZ, Ovidio
1121711252JURADO PALOMINO, Orlay
1121811253TREJO FREIRE, Efrain Pablo
1121911254LESMES BULLA, Jairo Alfonso

OFAC has decided to keep the UIDs that were used for these names on 10/02/2008. The UIDs that were used in 09/30/2008 are now reserved and will never be used again by OFAC.