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The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

RAMAK (a.k.a. RAMAK DUTY FREE; a.k.a. RAMAK DUTY FREE SHOP LTD; a.k.a. RAMAK DUTY FREE SHOPS - SYRIA; a.k.a. RAMAK DUTY FREE SHOPS LTD.; a.k.a. RAMAK FIRM FOR FREE TRADE ZONES), Free Zone Area, Jamarek, PO Box 932, Damascus, Syria; Al Rawda Street, PO Box 932, Damascus, Syria; Abu Ramana Street, Rawda, Damascus, Syria; Damascus Duty Free, Damascus International Airport, Damascus, Syria; Dara'a Duty Free, Naseeb Border Center, Dara'a, Syria; Aleppo Duty Free, Aleppo International Airport, Aleppo, Syria; Jdaideh Duty Free Complex, Jdaideh Yaboos, Damascus, Syria; Bab el Hawa Border Center, Aleppo, Syria; Lattakia Port, Lattakia, Syria; Tartous Port, Tartous, Syria; Email Address (Syria); Website (Syria) [SYRIA]

SYRIATEL (a.k.a. SYRIATEL MOBILE; a.k.a. SYRIATEL MOBILE TELECOM; a.k.a. SYRIATEL MOBILE TELECOM SA), Doctors Syndicate Building, Al Jalaa Street, Abu Roumaneh Area, PO Box 2900, Damascus, Syria [SYRIA]