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Federal Deposit
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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Inactive Financial Institution Letters


The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

ABD AL-KHALIQ, Adil Muhammad Mahmud (a.k.a. ABDUL KHALED, Adel Mohamed Mahmood; a.k.a. ABDUL KHALIQ, Adel Mohamed Mahmoud); DOB 2 Mar 1984; POB Bahrain; Passport 1632207 (Bahrain) (individual) [SDGT]

AL-SUBAIY, Khalifa Muhammad Turki (a.k.a. ALSUBAIE, Khalifa Mohd Turki; a.k.a. AL-SUBAIE, Khalifa Mohd Turki; a.k.a. AL-SUBAYI, Khalifa; a.k.a. BIN AL-SUAIY, Khalifa Turki bin Muhammad); DOB 1 Jan 1965; citizen Qatar; National ID No. 26563400140 (Qatar); Passport 00685868 (Qatar) (individual) [SDGT]

JAFFAR 'ALI, 'Abd al-Rahman Muhammad (a.k.a. JAFFAR, Abdulrahman Mohammad; a.k.a. JAFFER ALI, Abdul Rahman Mohamed; a.k.a. JAFFIR ALI, Abd al-Rahman; a.k.a. JAFFIR, 'Abd al-Rahman Muhammad; a.k.a. JAFIR 'ALI, 'Abd al-Rahman Muhammad; a.k.a. "ABU MUHAMMAD AL-KHAL"; a.k.a. "'ALI AL-KHAL"); DOB 15 Jan 1968; POB Muharraq, Bahrain; nationality Bahrain (individual) [SDGT]

Last Updated 6/26/2008

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