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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Inactive Financial Institution Letters


The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

KO, Myint Myint (a.k.a. KO, Daw Myint Myint); DOB 11 Jan 1946; wife of Saw Tun (individual) [BURMA]

MANN, Aung Thet (a.k.a. KO, Shwe Mann Ko); DOB 19 Jun 1977; c/o Ayer Shwe Wah Company Limited; c/o Htoo Group of Companies; c/o Htoo Trading Company Limited (individual) [BURMA]

MYINT, Tin Lin (a.k.a. MYINT, Daw Tin Lin); DOB 25 Jan 1947; wife of Ye Myint (individual) [BURMA]

SOE, Myint Myint (a.k.a. SOE, Daw Myint Myint); DOB 15 Jan 1953; wife of Nyan Win (individual) [BURMA]

THEIN, U Kyaw, 503 Sembawang Road, #02-29 757707, Singapore; DOB 25 Oct 1947; citizen Burma; nationality Burma; National ID No. S2733659J (Singapore) issued 7 Jul 2005; permanent resident Singapore; c/o Air Bagan Holdings Pte. Ltd.; c/o Htoo Wood Products Pte. Ltd.; c/o Pavo Aircraft Leasing Pte. Ltd.; c/o Pavo Trading Pte. Ltd.; permanent resident Singapore (individual) [BURMA]

THET, Khin Lay (a.k.a. THET, Daw Khin Lay); DOB 19 Jun 1947; wife of Thura Shwe Mann (individual) [BURMA]

THIHA (a.k.a. THI HA); DOB 24 Jun 1960; c/o Htoo Group of Companies; c/o Htoo Trading Company Limited (individual) [BURMA]

The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

AYER SHWE WAH COMPANY LIMITED (a.k.a. AYE YAR SHWE WAH; a.k.a. AYER SHWE WA; a.k.a. AYEYA SHWE WAR COMPANY), 5 Pyay Road , Hlaing Township, Yangon, Burma [BURMA]

HTOO GROUP OF COMPANIES, 5 Pyay Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Burma [BURMA]


PAVO AIRCRAFT LEASING PTE. LTD., 3 Shenton Way, #24-02 Shenton House 068805, Singapore [BURMA]

Last Updated 2/20/2008

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