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The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

DOCKRAT, Farhad Ahmed (a.k.a. DOCKRAT, Ahmed; a.k.a. DOCKRAT, Farhaad; a.k.a. DOCKRAT, Farhaad Ahmed; a.k.a. DOCKRAT, Farhad; a.k.a. DOCKRAT, Farhad Ahmad; a.k.a. DOCKRAT, Maulana Farhad; a.k.a. DOCRATE, Farhad; a.k.a. "DOCKRAT, F."), 386 Swanepoel Street, Erasmia, Pretoria, South Africa; DOB 28 Feb 1959; POB Pretoria, South Africa; nationality South Africa; National ID No. 5902285162089/055 (South Africa); Passport 446333407 (South Africa) expires 26 May 2014 (individual) [SDGT]

DOCKRAT, Junaid Ismail (a.k.a. DOCKRAT, Junaid; a.k.a. DOCRATE, Junaid; a.k.a. "AHMED, DR."; a.k.a. "DOCKRAT, J. I."), 71 Fifth Avenue, Mayfair 2108, South Africa; P.O. Box 42928, Fordsburg 2033, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa; DOB 16 Mar 1971; National ID No. 7103165178083 (South Africa) (individual) [SDGT]

The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

SNIPER AFRICA (a.k.a. SNIPER OUTDOOR CC; a.k.a. SNIPER OUTDOORS CC; a.k.a. TRUE MOTIVES 1236 CC), P.O. Box 28215, Kensington 2101, South Africa; 40 Mint Road, Amoka Gardens, Fordsburg, Johannesburg, South Africa; P.O. Box 42928, Fordsburg 2003, South Africa; 16 Gold Street, Carletonville 2500, South Africa; Registration ID 200302847123; Tax ID No. 9113562152; Website [SDGT]