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The following have been removed from OFAC's SDN list:

CASTANEDA BLANCO, Carlos Julio, c/o COSMEPOP, Bogota, Colombia; DOB 1 Dec 1966; Cedula No. 79390781 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT]

GARZON HERNANDEZ, Rodrigo, c/o DROGAS LA REBAJA, Cali, Colombia; DOB 25 Nov 1965; Cedula No. 79410114 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT]

GIRALDO JARAMILLO, Clara Stella, Avenida 2N No. 19-73 apt. 302, Cali, Colombia; c/o CONCRETOS CALI S.A., Cali, Colombia; c/o CONSTRUCTORA DIMISA LTDA., Cali, Colombia; DOB 23 Sep 1960; Cedula No. 31855785 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT]

GOMEZ MORA, Ricardo, c/o INVERSIONES GEELE LTDA., Bogota, Colombia; c/o LABORATORIOS GENERICOS VETERINARIOS, Bogota, Colombia; Cedula No. 3249673 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT]

GOMEZ, Julio Humberto, c/o LABORATORIOS GENERICOS VETERINARIOS, Bogota, Colombia; Cedula No. 19091811 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT]

RAMIREZ PAZ, Jaime, Carrera 24F No. 3-204, Cali, Colombia; c/o GEOPLASTICOS S.A., Cali, Colombia; DOB 05 Nov 1946; POB Cali, Valle, Colombia; Cedula No. 14936260 (Colombia); Passport 14936260 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT]

RAMIREZ REYES, Julio Cesar, c/o RADIO UNIDAS FM S.A., Cali, Colombia; DOB 16 Jun 1963; Cedula No. 16685808 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT]