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Other Business that can be Conducted Through FDIC connect

In addition to the Beneficial Ownership Electronic Filing and Retrieval File System, FDICconnect offers the following additional business transactions:

Contact FDIC Ombudsman : Use this transaction to send questions, comments, or complaints to the FDIC Ombudsman.

Acquiring a Failed Financial Institution Survey : Use this transaction to notify the FDIC that your institution is interested in acquiring failed financial institutions. You can specify a deposit size and geographic area. The FDIC will review the information you submit and may add you to the potential bidders list if an institution meeting your criteria is identified.

Assessment Payment Information : Use this transaction to establish assessment payments through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) depository or other entity. You can also modify existing ACH information or change your payment schedule, choosing to prepay or double pay assessments.

Duplicate Invoice Request : Use this transaction to request a duplicate assessment invoice or certified assessment statement from the FDIC. You can specify the quarter and year of the duplicate invoice or statement and verify your institution's contact information.

Logo Request : Use this transaction to order electronic logos from the FDIC. The logos can be used in publications and electronic media.

Institution Information : Use this transaction to change or correct the name of your institution or the address of its main office. You can also change or correct a branch name or address, or notify the FDIC of a branch closing.

FDIC Online Catalog : Use this transaction to order or download FDIC products. Items such as posters, decals, brochures, and artwork are available for shipping. Items available for download include software applications.

Technical/System Help Contact Information

For technical questions or problems relating to the use of FDICconnect and/or Designated Coordinator registration please contact FDICconnect toll free at 877-275-3342 or via email at FDIC connect .