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This page is no longer active. Its content has expired or been rescinded by the FDIC.
Financial Institution Letter

Special Alert

SUBJECT: Fraudulent Documents

The Royal Bank of Scotland, PLC, London Branch, London, England, has advised that letters are in circulation that purport to provide confirmation that the Royal Bank of Scotland will make payment of certain funds on the instructions of Mr. William Cole of Hanson-Hay, provided certain other conditions are met. This appears to be part of an advance fee scheme, and there is evidence to indicate the letters may be circulating in the U.S. and Canada.

The letters are on letterhead of the Royal Bank of Scotland's London City Office, 62/63 Threadneedle St., London, England EC2, and may bear the signature(s) of "Fraser Kent" and/or "Rob Letchworth." They were issued without authority of the Royal Bank of Scotland and have no financial value. Letters observed to date have been addressed to either Ruby Hay or Brian Keightley-Hanson.

If you have any information concerning these documents, please contact Pauline Casey, Fraud Prevention Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland, PLC, London, England, at 0171 615 2542. Information also may be forwarded to the FDIC's Special Activities Section, 550 17th Street, NW, Room F-6012, Washington, DC 20429.

Nicholas J. Ketcha Jr.

Distribution: FDIC-Supervised Banks (Commercial and Savings)

NOTE: Paper copies of FDIC financial institution letters may be obtained through the FDIC's Public Information Center, 801 17th Street, NW, Room 100, Washington, DC 20434 (800-276-6003 or (703) 562-2200).

Last Updated: July 8, 1998