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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Financial Institution Letters

Enactment Date of September 30, 1996

Timeline for Special Assessment

Date (assuming enactment on 9/30/96)

Responsible Division
0 9/30/96 Enactment of Deposit Insurance Funds Act of 1996.  
4 10/04/96 Notice of Special Assessment (including guidelines for "weak" institutions) ("Notice") distributed to Board. DOI/DRS
8 10/08/96 Board considers, adopts Notice in final form. DOI/DOS/DOF, with Legal
9 10/09/96 Notice sent to Federal Register. Legal
9 10/09/96 DOF mails statement to each institution informing them as to timing and procedures for Special Assessment ("weak" institutions contacted individually). _ Additionally, the amount of estimated special assessment, an explanation as to how that amount was calculated, and a copy of the special assessment legislation will be enclosed. DOF*
17 10/17/96 Notice published in Federal Register. Legal
32 11/01/96 Deadline for institutions to request different treatment than indicated on DOF statement (e.g., not "weak" institution, etc.). DOF/DOS*
39 11/08/96 FDIC makes final decision regarding requests by institutions for different treatment. DOS*
44 11/13/96 DOF sends special assessment invoices (reflecting any adjustments). DOF*
58 11/27/96 Special Assessment collected by direct debit. DOF

* With assistance from other participating Divisions

Copies of the Federal Register Notice will be mailed
as soon as possible to all institutions.

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