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FIL-63-95 Attachment

Warning Circular Circulaire de préavis






No: 18 Date: August 1995 No: 18 Date: août 1995


The following entities are not licensed chartered banks

in Canada and are not registered representative offices

of foreign banks in Canada:


Les personnes morales suivantes ne sont pas des banques

à charte détenant un permis d'opération au Canada ni

des bureaux enregistrés pour représenter des banques

étrangères au Canada:



Allied Bank & Trust Limited

Allied Investment Bank

Amexco Banque de Swiss

ANM Investment Banking Corp.

Applebank Capital Corporation

Asia Pacific Bank

Aurum Financial Services

Banc Carson, Ltd.

Banc Suisse, A.G.

* Banc Lugano, A.G.

* Banc Lugano A.G., Inc.

Banco de Asia

* Banco de Londres y Multinacionale, S.A.

Banco de Los Indies International Limited

Bank of ME

Bank of North America

Bank of the Pacific Limited

Banking Corporation of America, Ltd.

Banque d'Échange de Manhattan (Canada)

Bentley International Bank Limited

Benelux Merchant Bank, Ltd.

Benelux Commercial Bank, Ltd.

Benelux Credit Bank, Ltd.

Benelux Guaranty Bank, Ltd.

British Private Bankers, Ltd.

Brussels Euro Bank, Ltd.

Business Bank International

California International Bank Limited

Cambridge Merchant Bank Ltd.

Canadian Credit Bank Limited

Canadian Trade Bank

Capital Banc Canada

Capital International Bank and Trust Ltd.

Carson Investment Company

Carson Trust Company

Central Bank of Canada

Central International Bank

Century Trade Bank Ltd.

Chase Global International

Churchill International Bank

Citioverseas Bank BWI Ltd.

Colonial Bank Limited

Columbia Security and Transfer Inc.

Commercial Bank of Canada

Commercial Fidelity Bank Ltd.

Commonwealth Bank Ltd.

Commonwealth Overseas Bank

Crown International Bank


Dominion International Bank

Dominion Overseas Bank

Dominion Pacific Bank

Dworschak Financial Services Ltd.

Eastech International Bank Ltd.

EEC Trust Group, Ltd.

Empire International Bank Ltd.

Enrotek Capital Inc.

Equity Merchant Bank

Equity Trust Bank

Eureka Bank

Euro American Mortgage Corp.

Euro-Credit and Commerce Inc.

Euro Creditanstalt Bank, Ltd.

Euro-Pacific Bank Ltd.

Euro-Pacific International Bank Ltd.

European Merchant Bank

European Overseas Bank Ltd.

Excalibur Bank

Exchange International Bank Limited

Faialense S.A.

Federal Trade Bank

Fidelity Development Bank Limited

First Bank of North America

First Benelux Bank, Ltd.

First Canadian Bank

First Canadian Bank & Depository Limited

First Canadian International Bank, Limited, The

First Colonial Bank Limited

First Creditanstalt Bank, Ltd.

First Federal Bancorp (Canada) Inc.

First Federal Trust

First Global Investment Bank

First Imperial National Bank

First International Commerce Bank Limited

First Merchant Bank & Trust

First Merchants Bank of Canada

First Nations Merchant Bank of America

First Pacific Trust Bank Ltd.

First Trust Group

First United Bank

First World Trading Bank

Geneva Euro Bank, Ltd.

Ginisan Investment and Financial Canadian Bank

Global Manufacturers Bank

* Georgian Import-Export International Bank

Great Lakes Commercy Bank

GS Interfinance S.A.

Guaranty Bank & Trust Company Ltd.

Guaranty Creditanstalt Bank, Ltd.

Guardian Capital Bank Ltd.

Guardian Commercial Bank Ltd.

Gulf International Bank Limited

Gulf Union Bank Bahamas Ltd.

Hamilton Bank Ltd.

Hawthorne Trust

Heritage Investment Bank

Holden Bancorp Limited

Imperia International Bank Ltd.

Independent Business Credit Bank

Intercontinental First Bank Ltd.

Intercontinental Security Bank Limited

International Finance Marketing, Inc.

International Trade Company Limited

Island Bank Ltd.

Italia Euro Bank, Ltd.

Joseph First International Bank Limited

Kestral Trust Limited

Keystone Bank, Ltd.

Keystone Trust Co., Ltd.

La Rock Institute of Canada

Liberty Commercial Bank

Liechtenstein Merchant Bank, A.G.

Liechtenstein Trust Company, Ltd.

Lombard Banking International

London Euro Bank, Ltd.

London Merchant Bankers Ltd.

London Overseas Bank Ltd.

London Trust Company Ltd.

* Lugano Trust Company Limited

Lydian International Commerce (Luxembourg)

S.A. Merchant Bankers

Marine and Pacific Commercial Bank

Merchants Commerce Bank Limited

Metropolitan International Bank Limited

Monaco Credit & Guaranty Bank, Ltd.

National Bank of Windsor

National Indian Bank

Nearbank Financial Centres Ltd.

New York Guaranty and Trust Corp.

North Bank of Canada

OBE International Bank, Ltd.

Optimum Banking Corp.

Optimum International Private Banking

Opus-Merbank Limited

Overseas Bank of Finance Ltd.

Pacific Bank Corp. Inc.

Pacific Exchange International Bank

Pacific Fiscal Management, Inc.

Pacific Reserve Bank & Trust Ltd.

Piggy Bank Financial Services Ltd.

Pioneer Development Bank Inc.

Pioneer International Holdings, Inc.

Prime Credit Bank Limited

Regal Bank of Montserrat, The

Regent International Bank Ltd.

Republic Security Bank Ltd.

Republic Security International Ltd.

Security Bank of Commerce Limited

Security Bankcorp

Sterling Euro Bank, Ltd.

* Suisse Bancorp Inc.

Suisse Private Trust, A.G.

Swiss Euro Bank, Ltd.

Swiss Security Bank Ltd.

Swissdene (Merchant Bank) Ltd.

Trans Pacific Mortgage

Union Lombard Bank & Trust Corp.

United Bank Limited

United Canadian Bank

United Equity Bank & Trust Ltd.

United National Republic Bank

United Security Bank Limited

United States Territories Bank & Trust

U.S. Caribbean Bank & Trust


Vancouver Euro Bank, Ltd.

Vienna Euro Bank, Ltd.

West Indies International Bank Ltd.

Western Pacific Overseas Bank

World Arbitrage Bank Ltd.

World Bank Limited

World Commerce Bank Limited

World International Bank Ltd.

World Security Bank Limited

Yarrabank Holdings Inc.

Zurich Euro Bank, Ltd.

Zurich Creditanstalt Bank, Ltd.

Zurich Credit Bankers, A.G.

Zurich Credit Trust, Ltd.


The listed entities may be operating in Canada in

contravention of the Bank Act (Canada).


Les personnes morales mentionnées exercent peut-être des

activités au Canada en contravention avec la Loi des banques



Any information you may have concerning the

above should be brought to the attention of:


Robert Mitchell

Office of the Superintendent of Financial


Compliance Division

13th Floor, 255 Albert Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0H2


Tel. no.: (613) 990-7251

Fax. no.: (613) 990-6904



Veuillez contacter la personne sous-mentionnée si

vous avez des renseignements relativement à ces

personnes morales.


Robert Mitchell

Bureau du surintendant des institutions financières

Division de la conformité

13e étage, 255 rue Albert

Ottawa (Ontario)

K1A 0H2


No de tel. : (613) 990-7251

No de tel. : (613) 990-6904


* Additions since Warning Circular No. 17

* Ajouts depuis le Circulaire de préavis no 17.