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This page is no longer active. Its content has expired or been rescinded by the FDIC.
Financial Institution Letter
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

SUBJECT: HMDA Data Required for Calendar Year 1995

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), implemented by the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation C, requires certain institutions to submit annual reports of their mortgage-related lending activity. Your report of loans and applications for calendar year 1995 (CY95) home purchases, home improvements and refinancings must be submitted between January 1, 1996, and March 1, 1996.

The enclosed materials include a User Guide detailing instructions for the collection and submission of CY95 HMDA data. These apply to submissions in all formats. Also provided by the FDIC at no cost is the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council's (FFIEC) CY95 HMDA data entry software. Data submission formats other than the FFIEC software can include: a typed loan application register (LAR) form, if 100 or fewer records are submitted (using the FFIEC's FORM FR HMDA- LAR); magnetic tape; data from a mainframe program; or another software product. If you do not use the FFIEC software, please give special attention to instructions in the enclosed 1995 HMDA User Guide Supplement.

Failure to report HMDA data accurately by March 1, 1996, may subject your institution to civil money penalties and/or other administrative sanctions prescribed in Section 305 of the statute. Inaccuracies can be minimized by using the FFIEC software, as it contains editing features that will identify certain inaccurate entries.

As noted in a recent mailing (FIL-84-94, dated December 28, 1994), revisions to Regulation C require institutions to include on the transmittal sheet a total count of loans and application records for each CY95 data submission. This count will be computed automatically by the FFIEC software and included on the transmittal sheet each time an institution exports data from the FFIEC software for submission. If you do not use the FFIEC software, you must include a total count of loan records for each submission on your electronic transmittal sheet or on a paper copy of each transmittal sheet.

The enclosed software contains Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) designations that must be used in CY95 reports. It includes two changes that were announced by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in July 1994. These involve a new MSA in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and a new town in Cumberland County, Maine. Details of these changes appear in the attached supplement. Other changes announced by OMB in July 1994 do not affect MSA boundary definitions or HMDA-related property locations.

Enclosed is a postcard for requesting the FFIEC software on 5.25" floppy disks, if you are unable to use the enclosed 3.5" diskette. The floppy disks will be provided at no charge.

The FDIC has again contracted with the Federal Reserve Board in Washington to collect and process CY95 HMDA data from FDIC-supervised institutions. The Federal Reserve Board also will provide assistance if you have questions about completing your HMDA report or correcting reports from prior years. The Federal Reserve Board's HMDA Assistance Line is (202) 452-2016. You may leave a taped message and your call will be returned within two business days. Your regional office of the FDIC's Division of Compliance and Consumer Affairs also can assist with questions. Please refer to FIL-84-94 for the addresses and phone numbers.

Paul L. Sachtleben


(for selected HMDA institutions only)

Distribution: Selected HMDA Institutions

Last Updated: January 9, 1995