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Financial Institution Letters

September 7, 2018

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Interim Final Rules on Expanded Examination Cycle for Certain Small Insured Depository Institutions and U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks

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The FDIC and the other federal financial institution regulatory agencies have jointly adopted interim final rules (IFRs) permitting insured depository institutions (IDIs) with up to $3 billion in total assets, and that meet certain other criteria, to qualify for an 18-month on-site examination cycle. The implementation of these rules reduces regulatory burden on small, well-capitalized and well-managed institutions, while allowing the agencies to better focus supervisory resources on IDIs that may present supervisory concerns.

Statement of Applicability to Institutions with Total Assets Under $1 Billion: This Financial Institution Letter applies to FDIC-supervised financial institutions with total assets up to $1 billion.


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