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Deposit Insurance Assessments
One-Time Assessment Credit Statement – REMINDER
November 17, 2006

Summary: The FDIC is reminding FDIC-insured depository institutions that their Preliminary Statements of One-Time Assessment Credit are available for viewing through FDICconnect. Insured depository institutions have only until December 18, 2006, to submit a Request for Review to correct any errors in their Statements.

  • The FDIC Board of Directors recently approved the final rule to implement the One-Time Assessment Credit, as required by the Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act of 2005. The rule takes effect today, November 17, 2006.
  • An institution's Preliminary Statement of One-Time Credit is available only through FDICconnect, the FDIC's e-business portal.
  • An institution may request a review of its One-Time Assessment Credit eligibility or amount no later than December 18, 2006.
  • Because the amounts shown in the Statement will not reflect credits as a result of transfers under the "de facto rule," an institution claiming credits under this rule must file a request for review.
  • An institution that does not request a review of its One-Time Assessment Credit eligibility or amount by December 18, 2006, will be barred from subsequently requesting a review.
  • If an institution agrees with the information presented on the Preliminary Statement of One-Time Assessment Credit, it does not need to take any further action.
  • Refer to Financial Institution Letter (FIL)-93-2006, issued October 18, 2006, for a copy of the final rule and guidelines for filing a request for review.

All FDIC-Insured Institutions

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Donna M. Saulnier, Senior Assessment Policy Specialist, Division of Finance, (703) 562-6167
Thomas D. Hesselbrock, Senior Assessment Policy Specialist, Division of Finance, (703) 562-6165

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Last Updated 11/17/2006

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