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Financial Institution Letters

Corporate Codes Of Conduct
Guidance on Implementing an Effective Ethics Program
October 21, 2005

Summary: The FDIC is providing the attached guidance to financial institutions to remind them of the importance of an effective internal corporate code of conduct or written ethics policy.

  • A corporate code of conduct or ethics policy should be implemented to provide employees, officers, directors and agents with specific guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable business practices.
  • The policies should cover the entire organization, including subsidiaries and specific business activities unique to an institution.
  • The corporate code of conduct or ethics policy should adopt provisions that explain the general prohibitions of the Federal Bank Bribery law.
  • Management should require bank employees, officers, directors and agents to sign a written acknowledgement of the institution’s corporate code of conduct or ethics policy, including written acknowledgement of any subsequent material changes to the code or policy.
  • Management should provide periodic training about its corporate code of conduct or ethics policy.
  • Compliance with the policies should be monitored. Violators should be subject to specific and appropriate actions to deter wrongdoing, compel accountability and promote adherence to the policy.

FDIC-Supervised Banks (Commercial and Savings)

Suggested Routing:
Chief Executive Officer
Compliance Officer
Internal Auditor
Fraud Prevention
Personnel/Human Resources
Legal Counsel

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"Corporate Codes of Conduct: Guidance on Implementing an Effective Ethics Program"

Examination Specialist Kathryn Weatherby at or (202) 898-3673

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Last Updated 10/21/2005

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