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Affordable Housing Program


The FDIC manages an Affordable Housing Program established by the former Resolution Trust Corporation pursuant to the Financial Institution Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989. FDIC, through a network of state housing agencies and non-profit entities, monitors and ensures compliance with the Land Use Restriction Agreements that govern the use of single and multi-family properties in the Affordable Housing Program.


For use by Monitoring Agencies and Property Owners

Income and Rent Limits

2024 (effective 04/01/24)

2023 (effective 05/15/23)

2022 (effective 04/18/22)

2021 (effective 04/01/21)

2020 (effective 04/01/20)

2019 (effective 04/24/19)

2018 (effective 04/30/18)

Federal Housing Equal Opportunity

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