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Frequently Asked Questions for Asset Sales

Q. Where can I find a house or property to buy?

A. The FDIC Real Estate for Sale page is a searchable database of all FDIC-owned real estate for sale. Each property will have a contact name and phone number. The contact name will either be an individual from an FDIC office or an individual associated with the sales initiative (e.g. Auction Company, Real Estate Broker). If a property information package ("PIP") has been prepared on a particular property, it can be obtained from this individual. Additional questions and answers can be found on Real Estate Sales FAQs.

Q. How can I buy furniture or equipment from the FDIC?

A. The FDIC sells various items such as furniture or office equipment in two ways – as the leftover assets from a bank failure or through liquidation of old FDIC-owned property. For information about failed bank items, please visit Other Assets from Failed Banks.

Q. How can I buy loans from the FDIC?

A. The FDIC conducts loan sales with the support of four loan sale advisors. When the FDIC has loans available for sale they may be marketed on one of the loan sale advisors’ websites.

To participate in a loan sale offering, please contact each of the loan sale advisors and request an account be established on the respective website. Each loan sale advisor has its own requirements for granting access. You are encouraged to register so you will receive notice of any FDIC loan sale offering.

First Financial Network (FFN)

Mission Capital Advisors

Newmark Knight Frank

The Debt Exchange (DebtX)

Additional information on the loan sale process can be found at FDIC: Loan Sales.

Q. Do you have historical information on FDIC property sales?

A. Closed Real Estate Sales is a searchable database with real estate sales results from 1995 to the present. Closed Loan Sales provides data on pools of loans sold from 1994 to the present.