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Merger Decisions: 2001 Annual Report to Congress

Failed or Closed Bank Mergers
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Applicant Institution Other / Target Institution empty cell
Institution Name
City, State
Total Assets
Cert # Institution Name
City, State
Assets Acquired
Offices Acquired Cert # Action
Reply Date:
Delta Trust & Bank
95,140 92 Sinclair National Bank
2,765 (of 30,662) 2 34248 8/21/2001 N/A N/A

Note: These target institutions were either closed or in danger of being closed. The respective "applicant" institutions were the competitive bidding winners to purchase certain assets of and assume the liability to pay certain deposits of the target. The FDIC's Board of Directors found that immediate action was necessary and waived the publication of notice and solicitation of reports on the competitive factors involved. Thus, there is no "Department of Justice reply date," nor an "application number."

Table of Contents

Last Updated 07/15/2002

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