Chart 4

IDA Participants Perceive Positive Economic Effects

"Because I have an IDA, I am/have…" Percent of Survey Respondents* Agree Percent of Survey Respondents* Disagree
More likely to work or stay employed 59 40
More likely to start or expand a business 57 43
More likely to buy or renovate a home 73 27
More likely to make plans for retirement 57 43
More likely to make education plans for children 60 30
More likely to make education plans for self 59 42
More economically secure 84 16
More confident about the future 93 7

Source: Amanda Moore McBride, Margaret Lombe, and Sondra G. Beverly, "The Effects of Individual Development Account Programs: Perceptions of Participants," Center for Social Development Working Paper 03-06, 2003.

* Data based on 298 completed surveys of IDA participants at six American Dream Demonstration sites.