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FYI: An Update on Emerging Issues in Banking

This publication is no longer produced by the FDIC.

FYI is an electronic bulletin summarizing FDIC analysis of emerging issues in banking and the economy.


October 25, 2006: Highlights from the 2006 Summary of Deposits Data
March 23, 2006: Scenarios for the Next U.S. Recession
February 22, 2006: What the Yield Curve Does (and Doesn't) Tell Us


October 18, 2005: Highlights from the 2005 Summary of Deposits Data
October 11, 2005: Adjusting the Rules: What Bankruptcy Reform Will Mean for Financial Market Contracts
May 2, 2005: FYI Revisited - U.S. Home Prices: Does Bust Always Follow Boom?
March 22, 2005: Bridging the Information Gap: How Bankers Can Help the Hispanic Population Realize the American Dream of Homeownership
February 10, 2005: U.S. Home Prices: Does Bust Always Follow Boom?
January 26, 2005: 2005 Economic Outlook Roundtable The U.S. Consumer: Hero or Has-Been?


October 20, 2004: Branching Continues to Thrive as the U.S. Banking System Consolidates
September 22, 2004: Delivery Systems for Financial Education in Theory and Practice
August 5, 2004: FDIC Publishes Corrections to Basel II Capital Impact Study
July 9, 2004: Bank Branching Trends and Prospects of Key Banking Sectors
May 25, 2004: The Impact on U.S. Banking of Payment System Changes
May 19, 2004: Effects of Interest Rates on Money Market Mutual Funds
May 18, 2004: Trends in Community Banking
March 25, 2004: The Evolving Role of Commercial Banks in U.S. Credit Markets
March 1, 2004: Assessing the Banking Industry's Exposure to an Implicit Government Guarantee of GSEs
January 13, 2004: Could a Bull Market Be a Panacea for Defined Benefit Pension Plans?


December 10, 2003: A Portfolio Perspective for Evaluating the Adequacy of the Insurance Funds
December 8, 2003: Estimating the Capital Impact of Basel II in the United States (Revised August 5, 2004)
November 5, 2003: Financial Education in a Dynamic Banking Environment
November 4, 2003: Economic Conditions and Emerging Risks in Banking
October 28, 2003: The Changing Paradigm in Commercial Real Estate
September 17, 2003: Evaluating the Consumer Lending Revolution
June 23, 2003: How Long Can Bank Portfolios Withstand Problems in Commercial Real Estate?
April 21, 2003: Risk-Based Capital March 26, 2003: Derivatives Risk in Commercial Banking
February 27, 2003: How Real is the Threat of Deflation to the Banking Industry?
January 29, 2003: Payday Lending
January 14, 2003: Basel and the Evolution of Capital Regulation: Moving Forward, Looking Back


November 26, 2002: Quarterly Banking Profile - Commercial Banking Performance, Third Quarter 2002
October 10, 2002: 2nd Edition of FDIC Letter to Stakeholders
October 8, 2002: Syndicated Credits Deteriorate, But at a Slower Pace
October 3, 2002: FDIC Looks to Research Used in Private Sector for Pricing and Managing Risk
September 19, 2002: A Look at Residential and Commercial Real Estate Markets
September 12, 2002: Bank Insurance Fund Reserve Ratio Above Statutory Minimum - For Now
September 11, 2002: Progress in the Financial War on Terrorism
September 5, 2002: Corporate Earnings Growth Suggests Business Sector Recovery
August 29, 2002: Strong Bank Earnings Reflect Nature of U.S. Downturn
August 15, 2002: Ten Largest Thrift Companies: Interest-Rate Environment Supports Strong Earnings
August 8, 2002: Twenty-Five Largest Banking Companies
July 30, 2002: The Rise of Risk Management: Basel and Beyond
July 24, 2002: Enhancing Financial Transparency
July 10, 2002: FDIC Introduces Quarterly Letter to Stakeholders
June 20, 2002: Telecommunications Sector, Bruised and Battered, Looks to a Brighter Future
June 12, 2002: Better Deposit Data Show BIF Below Target in First Quarter
June 3, 2002: Favorable Interest-Rate Environment Drives Record First-Quarter Bank Earnings
May 30, 2002: Financial Transparency and Regulatory Policy
May 23, 2002: New York City's Economy Shows Early Signs of Stabilizing
May 17, 2002: Ten Largest Thrift Companies
May 16, 2002: FDIC Chairman Tackles Regulatory Restructuring
May 8, 2002: Twenty-five Largest Banking Companies
April 25, 2002: Refinancing Waves Alter the Landscape for Mortgage Specialists
April 18, 2002: New Reporting Offers Insight Into Bank Activities
April 11, 2002: Economic Conditions and Emerging Risks in Banking
March 28, 2002: Housing Market Strengths and Risks
March 21, 2002: Weak Fundamentals for U.S. Office Markets
March 13, 2002: Banks and Thrifts Post Record Earnings, Insurance Funds Slide
March 11, 2002: Bank Auditing and Accounting Faces Scrutiny
March 7, 2002: The Effects of the U.S. Economic Slowdown: Houston
March 1, 2002: FDIC Notifies Banks that Higher Insurance Premiums Are Possible
February 27, 2002: Loan Weakness Spreads; Banks' Defenses Hold
February 21, 2002: Business Credit Flowing Despite Recession
February 13, 2002: The Twenty Five Largest Banking Companies: Taking Stock of 2001
February 7, 2002: Subprime Mortgage Lending Faces the Test of a Slowing Economy
January 31, 2002: Large and Small Companies Exhibit Diverging Bankruptcy Trends