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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Center for Financial Research


Researchers conduct and publish empirical and theoretical research on topics relevant to the condition of the banking industry, bank regulation and deposit insurance. They design studies in response to developments in the financial markets and changes in banking practices. Researchers analyze the economic impact of existing and proposed legislation. They also develop statistical and financial models to support FDIC operations in such areas as finance, deposit insurance, bank safety and soundness, bank supervision and bank failure resolution.

Rosalind Bennett Chief, Banking Research

Claire Brennecke Financial Economist

Lee Davison Historian

Gary Fissel Senior Financial Economist

Chacko George Financial Economist

Jacob Goldston Financial Economist

Vivian M. Hwa Senior Financial Economist

Stefan Jacewitz Chief, Quantitative Risk Analysis

Emily Johnston-Ross Senior Financial Economist

Troy A. Kravitz Senior Financial Economist

Yan Y. Lee Senior Financial Economist

Christopher A. Martin Financial Economist

John O'Keefe Senior Economist

Philip Ostromogolsky Senior Financial Economist

Jon Pogach Chief, Financial Modeling and Research

Manju Puri Director

Lynn Shibut Senior Economist

George F. Shoukry Financial Economist

Jeff Traczynski Financial Economist

Alexander Ufier Financial Economist

Smith T. Williams Chief, Special Studies

Chiwon Yom Senior Economist

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