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Center for Financial Research

FDIC Research Job Opportunities

Join the Center as a Summer Research Fellow

In May 2020, the Center for Financial Research launched its Summer Research Fellows Program. The Summer Research Fellows Program nationally targeted PhD students who completed their qualifying examinations and had well-developed research toward finishing their PhD programs. During the Program, Summer Research Fellows are expected to continue their dissertation work and build research relationship with FDIC colleagues. The Summer Research Fellows are also expected to participate in seminars and brown bags, engage with FDIC staff on research, and give a presentation on their research at the end of the summer. The Summer Research Fellows are expected to benefit from institutional knowledge of FDIC staff, expertise on modeling, presentation opportunities, and exposure to FDIC policy work. The FDIC benefits from developing relationships with promising young scholars, expanding the reach of the CFR research network, and promoting careers at the FDIC. The Summer Research Fellows Program recruited in part through the American Economic Association Summer Economics Fellows Program, designed to advance the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in the economics profession.

The 2020 Summer Research Fellows were Noimot Bakare from Howard University, Stuart Paul from George Mason University, Dyanne Vaught from the University of Michigan, and Vivian Wong from the University of Southern California.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Spencer at (202) 898-6889.