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The FDIC Center for Financial Research hosts an ongoing seminar series. Invited speakers present their research intended for academic publication. This series provides an opportunity for feedback from the research community and other interested parties.

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Seminar Series - 2016
October 24 Bank Resolution and the Structure of Global Banks
Patrick Bolton, Columbia University
October 18 Housing Bust, Bank Lending & Employment: Evidence from Multimarket Banks
David Glancy, FRB
October 11 Key Innovations in Designing an Effective Risk-Based Deposit Insurance Premium System
Jeffrey Wu, BC Financial Institutions Commission
September 29 The Structure of Banker's Pay
Benjamin Bennett, Ohio State University
September 13 Presentation of the OFR's U.S. Money Market Fund Monitor
Viktoria Baklanova and Daniel Stemp, OFR
August 18 Examination Ratings and Insolvency Resolution: Sizing The Post-FDICIA Calm and The Severity of the Ensuing Storm
Ed Kane, Boston College
August 16 Does Deposit Insurance Promote Financial Depth? Evidence from the Postal Savings System
Carlos Ramirez and Lee Davison, FDIC
August 2 How to Prevent a Banking Panic: The Barings Crisis of 1890 Revisited
Eugene White, Rutgers University
June 21 Stressed to the Core: Counterparty Concentrations and Systemic Losses in CDS Markets
Sriram Rajan, OFR
June 14 Preparedness of EU DIA for the Participation in Resolution
Jakub Kerlin, BFG
June 10 Does Supervisory Discipline Reduce Bank Risk? Evidence from Before, During and After the Crisis
Stefan Jacewitz, Gary Fissel, Myron Kwast, FDIC
June 2 Towards a Comprehensive Measure of the Costs and Risks of Development Banks: The Case of the KDB
Deborah Lucas, MIT
May 26 Strategic Alliances and Voluntary Earnings Guidance
Sebahattin Demirkan, University of Maryland, Smith School of Business
May 17 Cash Flow Shocks and Corporate Liquidity
Ivan Ivanov, FRB
May 10 The Cost of Capital in the Financial Sector
Tobias Adrian, New York Federal Reserve
May 5 Good Booms Bad Booms
Guillermo Ordonez, University of Pennsylvania
May 3 Does Going Easy on Distressed Banks Help the Macroeconomy
Sean Hundtofte, New York Federal Reserve
April 12 Deposit Competition and Financial Fragility: Evidence from the US Banking Sector
Gregor Matvos, Chicago Booth
April 7 Lender-Borrower Relationships and Loan Origination Costs
Phil Ostromogolsky, FDIC
March 31 Loan Seasoning, LGD, and Market Fragility: Evidence From Commercial Real Estate Loans at Failed Banks
Emily Johnston-Ross, FDIC
March 29 The Information Content of Banks' Internal Ratings
Joseph Nichols, FRB
January 14 Did the Financial Reforms of the Early 1990s Fail? A Comparison of Bank Failures and FDIC Losses in the 1986-92 and 2007-13 Periods
Ned Prescott, Cleveland Federal Reserve
January 12 The Run for Safety: Financial Fragility and Deposit Insurance
Raj Iyer, MIT
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