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CFR Seminar Series Library

The FDIC's Center for Financial Research hosts an ongoing seminar series. Invited speakers present their research in-progress and receive feedback from the research community and other interested parties.

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CFR Seminar Series- 2013

January 15 - Executive Compensation and Peer Effects
Stefan Lewellen, Yale University

January 16 - Incentives for Spot Market Labor When Output is Unverifiable
Troy Kravitz, University of California, San Diego

January 17 - Commitment versus Discretion in a Political Economy Model of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interaction
David Miller, Northwestern University

January 22 - The Value of "Useless" Bosses
Omar Nayeem, University of California, Berkeley

January 23 - Capital Controls and Bank Runs: Theory and Evidence from Brazil and South Korea
Brittany Baumann, Boston University

January 24 - Risk Preferences Under Changing Volatility Regimes - A Markov Switching Approach to Pricing Kernel Estimation
Emily Johnston Ross, City University of New York

February 5 - The Contribution of Offshoring to the Convexification of the U.S. Wage Distribution
Sarah Kroeger, Boston University

February 21 - Development, Volatility and Intertemporal Distortions
Erick Sager

February 27 - The Roots of Residential Mortgage Delinquencies and Defaults in the U.S.: 2000-2008
Gary Fissel, Center for Financial Research, FDIC

February 28 - Deposit Rate Advantages at the Largest Banks
Stefan Jacewitz, Center for Financial Research, FDIC
Jon Pogach, Center for Financial Research, FDIC

March 1 - Tests of Equal Forecast Accuracy for Overlapping Models
Michael McCracken, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

March 10 - Collateral Valuation and Borrower Financial Constraints: Evidence from the Residential Real Estate Market
Vincent Yao, Fannie Mae

April 25 - Anatomy of Bank Contagion: Evidence from Helena, Montana During the Panic of 1893
Carlos Ramirez, George Mason University and Center for Financial Research, FDIC

May 2 - The Impact of a Central Bank's Bond Market Intervention on Foreign Exchange Rates
Hao Li, Cornell University

May 16 - Does Bank Regulatory Oversight Have Adverse Spillover Effects? Evidence from Manufacturing Output
Vivian Hwa, Center for Financial Research, FDIC
Carlos Ramirez, George Mason University and Center for Financial Research, FDIC

August 8 - The Real Effects of Credit Line Drawdowns
Ralf Meisenzahl, Federal Reserve Board

August 29 - The Globalization of the US Financial Safety Net
Edward Kane, Boston College

September 17 - Forecasting Near-Term Deposit Insurance Losses: A Case Study of the Philippine Banking System
John O'Keefe, Center for Financial Research, FDIC

September 19 - The Value of the Too-Big-To-Fail Subsidy
Jing Yang, Bank for International Settlements

September 26 - Do Community Banks Play a Role in New Firms' Access to Credit?
Yan Lee, Center for Financial Research, FDIC
Smith Williams, Center for Financial Research, FDIC

October 3 - Macroprudential Regulation Versus Mopping Up After the Crash
Anton Korinek, University of Maryland

October 7 - Modeling Bank Deposit Insurance
Hrishikesh (Rish) Singhania, University of California, Santa Barbara

October 8 - Loss Given Default on Commercial Loans at Failed Banks: Data Discovery Results
Lynn Shibut, Center for Financial Research, FDIC

November 4 - Loss Given Default as a Function of the Default Rate
Jon Frye, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

November 5 - The FDIC's Strategy for the Resolution of Large, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions
Rose Kushmeider, Center for Financial Research, FDIC
Jack Reidhill, Center for Financial Research, FDIC

November 6 - Contingent Capital: The Case of COERCs
George Pennacchi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

November 13 - Financial Accounting in the Banking Industry: A Review of the Empirical Literature
Scott Liao University of Toronto

November 26 - Regulating Consumer Financial Products: Evidence from Credit Cards
Sumit Agarwal, National University of Singapore

December 12 - How do Banks Manage their Liquidity? A Prelude to Basel III's Net Stable Funding Ratio
Robert (Bob) DeYoung, University of Kansas

December 19 - Can Top-Down Banking Stress Tests Be Informative?
Pavel Kapinos, Center for Financial Research, FDIC
Oscar Mitnik, Center for Financial Research, FDIC

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