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CFR Seminar Series Library

The FDIC's Center for Financial Research hosts an ongoing seminar series. Invited speakers present their research in-progress and receive feedback from the research community and other interested parties.

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CFR Seminar Series - 2012

January 17 - Corporate Taxes and Stock Volatility
Erin Syron, AEI

January 19 - Why are Defined Benefits Pensions Disappearing?
Rachel Moore, Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara

January 23 - The Strategic Value of Lending Relationships
Philip Ostromogolsky, Yale University

January 24 - Identifying the effects of bank failures from a natural experiment in Mississippi during the Great Depression
Nicholas Ziebarth, Northwestern University

January 26 - Comparing Treatments across Labor Markets: An Assessment of Nonexperimental Multiple-Treatment Strategies
Oscar Mitnik, Univeristy of Miami

February 6 - Do Firms Replenish Executives' Incentives After Equity Sales?
Tomislav Ladika, Brown University

February 13 - This Ad's for You: Targeting and the E ect of Alcohol Advertising on Youth Drinking
Eamon Molloy, Cornell University

February 14 - Social Learning in the Labor Market: An Analysis of Siblings
Neel Rao, Harvard University

February 15 - Managing in Boom and Bust Markets Firm Capabilities and Regulatory Oversight
Kristin Wilson, Harvard University

February 16 - The Effects of Housing Adjustment Costs on Consumption Dynamics
Benjamin Kay, University of California, San Diego

February 17 - A Measurement Model with Discrete Measurements and Continuous Latent Variables
Benjamin Williams, University of Chicago

February 21 - Pro-cyclical unemployment benefits? Optimal policy in an equilibrium business cycle model
Stan Rabinovich, University of Pennsylvania

February 22 - Forward-looking Monetary Policy and Anticipated shocks to Inflation
Pavel Kapinos, Carelton College

February 23 - Endogenous adverse selection: evidence from U.S. Crop Insurance
Jayashree Sil, University of California, Berkeley

February 27 - Very Fast Money: High Frequency Trading on the NASDAQ
Allen Carrion, University of Utah

April 19 - Liquidity Shocks and Stockmarket Reactions
Turan Bali, Georgetown University

April 26 - Inside Debt, Bank Default Risk and Performance during the Crisis
Rosalind Bennett, FDIC
Levent Guntay, FDIC
Haluk Unal, Maryland R.H. Smith School of Business

May 30 - Commercial Real Estate: Underwriting, Mortgages, and Prices
James A. Wilcox, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

June 27 - The Valuation of Trust Preferred Securities
Levent Guntay, FDIC

July 1 - Changes in Importance of Relationships in Small Business Lending: An Analysis Based on Loan Contract Terms
Sena Durguner, FDIC

July 24 - The 2007 Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Changing Characteristics of Lending to Subprime Households
Seda Durguner, FDIC

August 7 - Focus or Forage? An Analysis of Venture Investing Style Drift
Paul Hanouna, Villanova University and FDIC

October 23 - Exchange-Traded Funds, Fails-to-Deliver and Volatility
Thomas Stratmann, George Mason University

October 30 - Contractual Contingencies and Renegotiation: Evidence from the Use of Pricing Grids
Ivan T. Ivanov, SEC

November 29 - Loan Contract Strictness and Corporate Bankruptcy In the Recession of 2007-2012
Philip Ostromogolsky

December 17 - Corporate Taxes and Securitization
George Pennacchi, University of Illinois

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