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CFR Seminar Series Library

The FDIC's Center for Financial Research hosts an ongoing seminar series. Invited speakers present their research in-progress and receive feedback from the research community and other interested parties.

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CFR Seminar Series - 2007

January 18 - Too Vulnerable for Microfinance?: Risk and Vulnerability as Determinants of Microfinance Selection
Sarah Pearlman, Department of Economics, University of Maryland

January 19 - The Effect of Banking Relationships on the Future of Financially Distressed Firms
Claire M. Rosenfeld, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

January 22 - Testing for Unit Roots Using Weighted Moments
Kyong So Im, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida

January 24 - www.normeddistributionfree.org
Stephen A. Kane, Assistant Professor of Finance, Frank Sawyer School of Management, Suffolk University, Boston

January 26 - Monetary Policy, the Bond Market, and Changes in FOMC Communication Policy
Jeffrey Gerlach, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, College of William & Mary

January 30 - Discrimination and Mortgage Lending in Boston: The Effects of Model Uncertainty
Cullen Goenner, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of North Dakota

February 1 - High and Low Savers? Circumstances, Patience, and Cognition
Laurie Pounder, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Michigan

February 7 - Incentive Effects of the No Child Left Behind Act in California Schools
Vivian Hwa, UC Berkeley

February 8 - Rationality in Financial Markets: Evidence from Bank Loan Financing Arrangements and Security Analysts' Earnings Forecasts
Lewis Gaul, Boston College

February 9 - Examining the Wealth Effect from Home Price Appreciation
Erika Morris, University of Michigan

February 12 - Liquidation Value and Capital Structure in Industry Equilibrium
James Einloth, University of California at Los Angeles

February 14 - To Discriminate or Differentiate? Evidence From a Supermarket Chain
Charles Taragin, University of Michigan

February 16 - Factors Affecting the Formation of Interest Groups
Aileen Sampson, Clemson University

March 2 - Expanding the State Infrastructure Bank Program Commercial Lending Conduits Community Reinvestment Act
Robena Reid

March 5 - Wages and Trade: The Mexican Experience
Christian E. Malagon

March 6 - Financial Innovation, Financial Deregulation and Their Effect on Small Financing
Giuseppe Gramigna

March 7 - Identification and Quantification of Incremental Market Risk
Sy Sarkarat

March 14 - Deposit Dollarization Dynamics in a Model of Network Externalities and Hysteresis: The Case of Argentina
Zaid AlBarzinji

March 15 - Ecowas, is there a case for a common currency?
Marcelin Diagne

April 24 - Payday Lenders: Heroes or Villains
Adair Morse

May 1 - Why Basel II May Need a Leverage Ratio Restriction
Juerg M. Blum

May 15 ->Managing Finances
William D. Bradford

July 12 - An Integrated Structural Model for Portfolio Market and Credit Risk
Paul H. Kupiec

July 17 - An Integrated Structural Model for Portfolio Market and Credit Risk
Paul H. Kupiec

August 2 -Do High Debt Payments Hinder Household Consumption Smoothing?
Kathleen Johnson and Geng Li

August 15 - Predatory Lending in a Rational World
David Musto

August 16 - Banking and Securitization
Wenying Jiangli

August 21 - The Technology Service Provider Event and Reporting Program: State of the Industry Report, 2006
Bob Lee, Martha Solt, Jay Golter, Heater Gratton

October 11 - The Case for a European Banking Charter
Martin Cihak and Jorg Decressin

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