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CFR Seminar Series Library - 2012

The Seminar Series of the FDIC's Center for Financial Research, Division of Insurance and Research provides the research community and other interested parties with the results of research efforts by economists in the Division. Since much of the research is ongoing, the authors welcome comments from readers. Seminar Papers should not be reproduced without prior approval from the author.

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CFR Seminar Series

January 17 - Corporate Taxes and Stock Volatility
Erin Syron, AEI

January 19 - Why are Defined Benefits Pensions Disappearing?
Rachel Moore, Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara

January 23 - The Strategic Value of Lending Relationships
Philip Ostromogolsky, Yale University

January 24 - Identifying the effects of bank failures from a natural experiment in Mississippi during the Great Depression
Nicholas Ziebarth, Northwestern University

January 26 - Comparing Treatments across Labor Markets: An Assessment of Nonexperimental Multiple-Treatment Strategies
Oscar Mitnik, Univeristy of Miami

February 6 - Do Firms Replenish Executives' Incentives After Equity Sales?
Tomislav Ladika, Brown University

February 13 - This Ad's for You: Targeting and the E ect of Alcohol Advertising on Youth Drinking
Eamon Molloy, Cornell University

February 14 - Social Learning in the Labor Market: An Analysis of Siblings
Neel Rao, Harvard University

February 15 - Managing in Boom and Bust Markets Firm Capabilities and Regulatory Oversight
Kristin Wilson, Harvard University

February 16 - The Effects of Housing Adjustment Costs on Consumption Dynamics
Benjamin Kay, University of California, San Diego

February 17 - A Measurement Model with Discrete Measurements and Continuous Latent Variables
Benjamin Williams, University of Chicago

February 21 - Pro-cyclical unemployment benefits? Optimal policy in an equilibrium business cycle model
Stan Rabinovich, University of Pennsylvania

February 22 - Forward-looking Monetary Policy and Anticipated shocks to Inflation
Pavel Kapinos, Carelton College

February 23 - Endogenous adverse selection: evidence from U.S. Crop Insurance
Jayashree Sil, University of California, Berkeley

February 27 - Very Fast Money: High Frequency Trading on the NASDAQ
Allen Carrion, University of Utah

April 19 - Liquidity Shocks and Stockmarket Reactions
Turan Bali, Georgetown University

April 26 - Inside Debt, Bank Default Risk and Performance during the Crisis
Rosalind Bennett, FDIC
Levent Guntay, FDIC
Haluk Unal, Maryland R.H. Smith School of Business

May 30 - Commercial Real Estate: Underwriting, Mortgages, and Prices
James A. Wilcox, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

June 27 - The Valuation of Trust Preferred Securities
Levent Guntay, FDIC

July 1 - Changes in Importance of Relationships in Small Business Lending: An Analysis Based on Loan Contract Terms
Sena Durguner, FDIC

July 24 - The 2007 Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Changing Characteristics of Lending to Subprime Households
Seda Durguner, FDIC

August 7 - Focus or Forage? An Analysis of Venture Investing Style Drift
Paul Hanouna, Villanova University and FDIC

October 23 - Exchange-Traded Funds, Fails-to-Deliver and Volatility
Thomas Stratmann, George Mason University

October 30 - Contractual Contingencies and Renegotiation: Evidence from the Use of Pricing Grids
Ivan T. Ivanov, SEC

November 29 - Loan Contract Strictness and Corporate Bankruptcy In the Recession of 2007-2012
Philip Ostromogolsky

December 17 - Corporate Taxes and Securitization
George Pennacchi, University of Illinois