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Center for Financial Research

Seminar Series

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Most Recent Seminars

Date Seminar
March 23, 2021 Kicking the Can Down the Road: Government Interventions in the European Banking Sector
Sascha Steffen, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
March 9, 2021 A Fuzzy Bunching Estimator of Regulatory Costs
Kairong Xiao, Columbia University
March 2, 2021 Are Bigger Banks Better? Firm-Level Evidence from Germany
Kilian Huber, University of Chicago
February 25, 2021 Estimation of Spillover Effects in Home Mortgage Delinquencies with Sampled Loan Performance Data
Hua Kiefer, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
January 15, 2021 Indirect Costs of Government Aid and Intermediary Supply Effects: Lessons From the Paycheck Protection Program
Manju Puri, Duke University