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Seminar Series

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Most Recent Seminars

Date Seminar
September 22, 2022 Bank Competition amid Digital Disruption: Implications for Financial Inclusion
Erica Xuewei Jiang, University of Southern California
September 21, 2022 Examining the Effect of Joint Ownership between Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Lenders
Rebecca Jorgensen, University of Pennsylvania
September 9, 2022 The Causal Effect of the Fed’s Corporate Credit Facilities on Eligible Issuer Bonds
Rayhan Momin, University of Chicago
August 30, 2022 The Collateral Channel and Bank Credit
Arun Gupta, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
August 9, 2022 Yellow Light Foreclosures: The Effect of Loan Sale on Collateral Enforcement
Taha Ahsin, Duke University
July 21, 2022 Lending Standards, Credit Rationing and Aggregate Fluctuations
Clay Wagar, University of Michigan
June 23, 2022 The Sale of Failed Banks: The Characteristics of Acquirers - As Well as of the Acquired - Matter
Lawrence White, New York University
June 9, 2022 Financial Distress and CEO Changes in Community Banks: The Role of Gender in Successions
Ajay Palvia, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
May 12, 2022 Competition, Stability, and Efficiency in the Banking Industry
Dean Corbae, University of Wisconsin-Madison
May 3, 2022 Bank Monitoring in Construction Lending
Amanda Heitz, Tulane University
Alexander Ufier, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
April 19, 2022 The HOLC Maps: How Race and Poverty Influenced Real Estate Professionals' Evaluation of Lending Risk in the 1930s
Allison Shertzer, University of Pittsburgh
April 7, 2022 Housing Demand and Remote Work
John Mondragon, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
March 22, 2022 The Effect of Job Loss on Bank Account Ownership
Ryan Goodstein and Mark Kutzbach, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
March 17, 2022 Bank Local Specialization
Anne Duquerroy, Bank of France
March 7, 2022 Judicial Expansions and Mortgage Credit Supply
Jeffrey Traczynski, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
January 27, 2022 Do Municipalities Pay More to Issue Unrated Bonds?
Haluk Unal, University of Maryland and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
January 4, 2022 Upstream, Downstream and Common Firm Shocks
Julieta Yung, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation