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FDIC Information Technology Strategic Plan: 2017 - 2020: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP) identifies opportunities for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to improve internal operations in a world of ever changing technology. The plan identifies five major goals with supporting objectives designed to improve business capabilities and systems:

Achieving these goals will significantly improve FDIC operations and the value the FDIC provides to the nation’s financial system. New capabilities in cloud computing and changes in physical infrastructure will provide continuous availability of mission essential functions. Mobile technologies will afford the FDIC flexibility to conduct its work from different locations in response to changing business situations. New capabilities in analytics will improve FDIC insights into financial institutions and enable the FDIC to be more effective in carrying out its core mission responsibilities.

Three crosscutting themes — Collaboration, Resource Optimization, and Innovation — are applied across these goals. These themes ensure that any planned changes encourage engagement between the FDIC business divisions and the Chief Information Officer Organization (CIOO), optimize resource utilization through solid planning and execution, and ensure that the FDIC is continuously exploring innovative ways to improve its business.
Furthermore, the activities required to achieve these goals and support these themes will move FDIC enterprise architecture and governance processes further along the maturity curve, creating the infrastructure needed for sustainable results.

Photo of Goals Cross-Cutting Themes

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